TiKi Treasures

Tiki Treasures is a progressive slot game created by Blueprint Gaming, build on their popular and well-regarded MegaWays game engine. A recent release from earlier in 2019, it’s built with multiple interesting features (such as the Avalanche bonus) that make it stand out from less innovative slot games on the internet. Not only that, but it uses a cascading reels design that keeps everything flowing faster, and opens up more opportunities for chains of wins or bonuses.

The MegaWays engine doesn’t work like a standard gambling game engine, using five standard reels and one horizontal reel with between two to seven symbols on each reel. There can be any number of paylines, with a minimum of a huge 324 and as many as over 117,649 total paylines! That’s far more than standard games would give you.

To win big, you need to use free spins and multipliers to make the cascading reels chain together and create more and more paylines, as well as stacking up multipliers to create a massive boost to your initial wagers.

The Symbols

As the name might suggest, Tiki Treasures is jungle-themed, with all of the reels being set between two totem-pole-style borders. While the lower values are the same kind of cards you’ll see in other games, higher-value symbols are styled after Tiki masks of various different designs and colors. The green mask is the most valuable, whereas a golden coin symbol acts as the Wild bonus that’s a substitute for every other non-bonus symbol.

The Bonus Features

The main bonus feature is the Avalanche, which activates on every spin. It’s a variation on the standard cascading reels design where winning symbols are removed, leading to more symbols falling from above and potentially creating new winning combinations or activating extra bonuses. Because of how the MegaWays engine works, each new cascade can cause new paylines to emerge, so you never know exactly how much you’ll earn from each spin.

In addition, there’s the Mystery symbol (styled after a question mark) that turns into a random symbol after it falls into place. If you get more than one, they’ll become identical symbols, meaning that they can theoretically create a winning combination all on their own.

Free Spins

You can trigger free spins in Tiki Treasures by spelling out “T I K I” on the reels – each time it’s triggered, you’ll get to pick from one of four different choices:

  1. A 1x multiplier on top of 15 free spins.
  2. A 5x multiplier on top of 10 free spins.
  3. A 10x multiplier on top of 5 free spins.
  4. A random amount of both.

The multiplier will also grow for each cascading win, and you can re-trigger these free spins at any time as long as you get three of the game’s scatter symbols.

The Jackpot

On top of the normal bonuses, Tiki Treasures also has a randomly-activated jackpot that happens once you get four Jackpot King symbols. After it’s activated, you’re allowed to spin the reels again and continue to acquire crowns – if you’re able to get fifteen, you’re given access to the Wheel King bonus game, which gives you a chance to win the progressive jackpot. Since its progressive, it’ll change based on the amount of money being spent on the game (as well as other Jackpot King games), so it will almost always be different.

On top of that, you can get a smaller jackpot from the game itself – 10,000 times your stake, in fact. However, certain sites might put a limit on how much you can win at once, depending on where you play.

Where Can I Play?

Tiki Treasures can be played for real money, or for free, on a variety of different platforms. It works well on mobile devices as well as desktop computers, anywhere where you have a proper internet connection on your device.

Should I Play It?

Tiki Treasures take a standard game formula and adds some extra features and bonuses – while you can’t buy free spins directly, it’s easy to trigger them, and you’re able to stack up a huge list of cascading wins by relying on luck alone.

The Good

  • An interesting game engine with some unique features.
  • Hundreds of possible paylines.
  • A full progressive jackpot.
  • Accessible bonuses.

The Bad

  • Functionally similar to some similar games by the same developers.