Warlords – Crystal Of Power Slots

Warlords – Crystal Of Power slot game is truly something to behold as it has stunning graphics, an amazing soundtrack, and great features.

This is a slot game that looks as though it has been made in Hollywood and it features some of the best technology in the industry.

Warlords is becoming a highly popular fantasy slot game and it is steadily making its way up to beating some of the best names in this field, like Avalon slots and Miss Midas.

About Warlords

This online slot game is set in a time where rulers would fight and battle for control over various different lands and riches.

In the Warlords world, the fighting has been going on for decades and now there are only three rulers left. These rulers are The Barbarian, The Priestess, and The Samurai. These are the three main characters that you will come into contact with when playing this slot game.

This is a visually stunning slot game that looks great on all devices. All of the characters and symbols are designed using high-definition graphics and bold colors, so they will look great on a range of screen sizes.

The appearance of this slot game is perhaps the most iconic feature and it is something that will attract a great range of players.

But that doesn’t mean that Warlords is just a pretty face.

This is a five-reel, three-row slot game that has 30 fixed-line games. There is a good range of Wilds, stacked symbols, Scatters, Re-Spins, Free Spins, and even a Random Wild that you can use to increase your jackpot and win some great prizes.

To the seasoned gambler, this may not sound like anything special as these features are present on almost every other online slot game.

However, Warlords really does stand out from the rest when you realize that it has three different scatter symbols in the colors red, green and blue.

The wild feature is also something that makes this slot game stand out from the rest.

Random Overlay Wild

During every spin that you make on Warlords – Crystal Of Power a random overlay wild can be triggered. In this game, the wild symbols are presented as the Crystal of Power so they are hard to miss.

It is possible for you to trigger three different kinds of Random Overlay Wilds during this slot game. These symbols are:

  • The Barbarian Hammer: Four square wilds on reels one to four
  • The Priestess Arrow: Two to five wilds on reels one to five
  • The Samurai Sword: Two to five wilds on reels one to four

Once you have triggered the Random Overlay Wilds you need to expect things to become a little bit crazy during this slot game, as all of the symbols on the reels will be replaced by these wild symbols.

This means that you will have more opportunities to win the jackpot or great prizes.

Scatters And Free Spins

There are three different scatter symbols in this slot game.

  • Blue scatter symbol which will win you Barabain free spins
  • Green scatter symbol which will win you Priestess free spins
  • Red scatter symbol which will win your Samurai free spins

There will be a big on-screen celebration when you land on a scatter symbol, which can be very exciting and is certainly going to grab your attention.

When you are playing in the base game, these scatters will trigger a different bonus feature based on the one you have landed on.

You can either win three free spins, a multiplier, or one sticky wild.

If you manage to land on two or more scatter symbols, you will also be able to win a re-spin.

When playing this slot game, the scatter symbols will show up in the middle three reels, except during a re-spin where they can show on all five reels.

If you somehow land on scatter symbols that are all the same color, the re-spin will be triggered automatically. If these symbols are different then they will transform at random before the re-spin will start.

Battle Feature

When playing the Warlord slot game, if you land on two different scatter symbols then one symbol will be picked at random by the game. This random symbol will be morphed into a matching symbol so you can get your hands on your re-spins.

During this slot game, there is a 75% chance of getting three scatters that are the same as two of the original identical ones you landed on.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t land on scatter symbols that are all different, as this is also a possibility. In this case, there is a chance for a symbol to be chosen at random so it will be morphed into a matching icon.


While the re-spins are active during Warlords, the active scatters that you have landed on will be frozen. It is possible to retrigger your spins and use new scatter symbols, giving you more opportunities to win.

It is important to remember that you will need three or more scatter symbols to trigger the free spins in this game.

If you have not managed to get your hands on the free spins as you haven’t landed on any more scatter symbols, there is still one more opportunity for you to try again.

Your Last Chance

If you have not managed to land on three scatter symbols during the gameplay, there is a Last Chance Saloon feature that will be triggered.

This can appear as either a coin win, which can be anything from three to 100 times your bet or an additional scatter symbol. This scatter symbol will need to appear randomly on the reels for it to make a difference to your jackpot.

Warlords is a fair slot game that gives all players equal opportunities to win a good jackpot and get their hands on some free spins bonuses. This is why it is a good option for various different players.

Free Spins

There are three different colors of scatter symbols in this slot game, which means there are three different types of free spins up for grabs.

If you land the blue scatter, which is the Barbarian symbol, you will be awarded at least nine free spins. The Priestess symbol, which is the green scatter, will award you seven free spins and the red scatter that represents the Samurai will give you five free spins.

On each of the free spin games, the reels will only contain the same type of scatter symbol that you originally landed on.

It is important to note that the scatters you land on during your free spin game will not trigger any re-spins, but they will trigger other features that can improve the gameplay.

During free spins, the scatters will be able to trigger different features based on the game you are playing.

For example, when playing in the Barbarian free spin game the only symbols you will see will be warriors and animals. If a new scatter symbol appears in this free spin game, you will be awarded an additional three free spins to use.

Final Notes

Warlords – Crystal Of Power is a complicated slot game so it is understandable if you feel a little bit overwhelmed at this point in the review.

This is a game that is best suited to seasoned gamblers, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have your fair share of winning some amazing prizes if you give it a try.

This is a slot game that has a lot of different features available so there should be plenty of opportunities for you to win some prizes and bonuses.

The best thing to do if you want to try out this slot game is to simply go ahead and do it. There is only so much research you can do and, as with most things in life, you will never know if it is right for you unless you actually try it.

It is very easy to try out this slot game as there is both a mobile demo version and an instant play version available online.