Tarzan Slots

The new Tarzan slot game is based on one of the most iconic Vegas classics and it is available on a range of different websites. This is often players’ favorite slot game and one that most people simply cannot walk past in a casino.

Now it has come online, players do not have to even leave their house to experience the fun and excitement that the Tarzan slot game provides.

Some of the biggest appeals of this game are the fantastic wheels bonuses which can be advanced through a retrigger.

About Tarzan Slot Machine

This slot game is a renowned name in the online casino industry and it has a lot of history behind it.

As a lot of people have played this game or at least had some kind of experience with this slot game, it isn’t hard to find out what people think about Tarzan.

It has been said it can take quite a while for the slot game to start paying out during regular gameplay.

However, there are plenty of opportunities for you to increase your winnings by triggering a bonus.

Tarzan In Vegas

The Tarzan slot game is present in almost every casino in Las Vegas and now it has found a home online too. There are several different versions of this slot game and most seasoned gamblers will have had some experience with it in the past.

The latest version of this slot game is arguably the best one and it is certainly proving very popular with online players.

Perhaps it is the sense of nostalgia that this slot game evokes or memories of Vegas that will come to mind whenever you see this game, but it is a very popular option and one that you certainly will not want to miss out on!

Bonuses And Features

The Tarzan slot is pretty famous for its features and bonuses, as this is one of the main reasons it is such a popular option.

The bonus features on this slot game will appear as some iconic characters from the Tarzan story, including monkeys, elephants, Jane and the main man himself.

There is a sweet bonus game that will be triggered when a monkey swings across the screen and hands out a prize to the player. Even though this bonus doesn’t typically pay that much, it is still a fun thing to experience and makes the game even more exciting.

As well as this monkey feature, there is also an elephant bonus that will be triggered when the screens start to rumble. This will signifiy that a stampede is on its way and will hopefully result in a big win for you.

Perhaps the most iconic bonus is triggered when Tarzan swings across the screen. This is a random feature that can happen at any point in the game – so you need to keep your eyes peeled for a swinging Tarzan when playing this game.

As Tarzan swings across your screen, he will deposit a selection of wild symbols onto the reels. If you are very lucky, he will swing across the screen two or three times and drop more symbols as he does so.

In some cases, this could even result in a screen full of wilds that you can use to rack up a significant jackpot.

Tarzan is one of the most popular games in this industry for a reason!