Casino Payment Methods

An often-overlooked aspect of online casinos, yet payment methods play a pivotal role and should be considered before joining a casino site.

In this day and age, we’re privy to lots of payment methods from debit cards to e-wallets.

Many of the top online slot sites provide a broad range of payment types and you can pick and choose prior to depositing funds. You do not need to commit to only one payment type.

Before registering to a casino site, be sure to browse their payment options and find your preferred method before joining. Let’s take a look at ways in which you can pay and which ones are the most secure.

How to Pay at Online Casinos

As you can imagine, online casinos have ensured that it’s easy to make a payment. You are no longer limited to just a few payment options, you can pick and choose from e-wallets to debit cards.

If you are looking to make a payment on an online casino, then you can follow our easy to follow guide. Although sites do vary in navigation, they’re mostly similar and all make depositing simple.

Visit your wallet, choose deposit and pick your amount. You can then pick which depositing method you wish to opt for.

Here’s how to pay at online casinos:

  1. Visit your wallet or account balance.
  2. You will have the option to click onto “deposit”.
  3. Pick the amount you wish to pay.
  4. Choose the payment method.
  5. If you haven’t already, you may need to link the account with your payment type.
  6. Confirm it and then enjoy your favourite casino games.

Check out the full list of payment options below.

Debit, Credit & Pre-Paid Cards

Some of the most popular payment types all include debit and credit cards. You’d struggle to find an online casino that doesn’t offer those payment types.

Pick from the following debit, credit and pre-paid cards.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are a popular way to deposit at online casinos. All top casino sites accept credit cards and it’s easy to make a deposit within seconds. Even players from the US are able to use a credit card to deposit using Visa or Mastercard.

Debit Cards

As you’d expect, debit cards are also a popular option. All casinos offer the chance to deposit using a bank card. Pay using debit and you can register more than one bank card if you need.

This is generally a popular option in the UK, most sites accept Switch, Maestro, Visa, Electron, Visa Debit and Laser.


Visa are types of debit and credit cards and they’re widely accepted for all e-commerce and online gambling. They are universally recognised and easy to use. Check out the number of well-known casino sites that all provide Visa payments.


Mastercard is quick, secure and easy way to deposit into your account. Mastercard is another option that is widely used and recognised around the world.

Find our list of top casino sites that all have a Mastercard option.


PaySafeCard is a well-known payment type that is available to be used at retail stores across the UK and Europe. It is also prevalent amongst all of the online gambling sites.

The pre-paid card is easy to use. Go to your account and deposit money to it, you will then be able to easily make payments from this card.

American Express

Amex is a recognised card with higher limits and is always a safe and secure option. Use this option at most betting sites. We have found that the top casinos all accept American Express.

E-Wallets for Online Casinos

E-wallets have been used for over a decade, but they are now more common than ever. We have also seen the influx of new e-wallets being offered.

The leader in the industry has to be PayPal, but there are also other options in this era.


PayPal is often a number one choice for customers due to its ease of use, the security and the fact that it provide a barrier between you bank card and the casino website.

Over 70 million people use this e-wallet and it is now widely offered across casino platforms. Link your account to the site and make quick and efficient payments.


Neteller is a more recent e-wallet, but it has lots of reach and is now used across numerous casino platforms. It is safe and secure, plus it is efficient.


MyCitadel is lesser-known, yet it is now being brandished at some of the top casinos. Easily make a deposit via your e-wallet and it can help you make a swift and secure deposit without the need to share your bank details.

Casino Site Bank Transfers

If you’d rather avoid leaving your bank details on a casino site, then you have the opportunity to make a payment via bank transfer. There are also particular services that allow you to make quick and easy bank transfers.

Fast Bank Transfer

It does what it says on the tin. Easily make a bank transfer with Fast Bank Transfer. You won’t need to wait around for authentication or security measures, you can have them in place prior to a deposit.

Trustly Bank Transfer

The respected Trustly company also owns a pay by phone platform. But their bank transfer makes it secure and easy to transfer your cash.

What to Consider When Choosing a Payment Method

Bear in mind, that when you join an online casino, you’re not stuck to one payment method, you can choose each time you make a deposit.

The main thing to consider, is how safe and secure a payment method is. All of the payment methods listed are safe and are officially recognised.

Let’s take a look at the things that you should consider.

Safe & Secure

As discussed, the main feature should be to have a safe and secure payment option. That is why you need to reach for the reputable and trusted payment types, such as the ones that we have listed.

Thankfully, there’s an array of secure e-wallets, debit cards and more.

Processing Time

Factor in processing time, e-wallets tend to be the fastest when it comes to making deposits and withdrawing money into your account. Some of the sites allow e-wallet withdrawals within hours or even minutes.

Banks usually take around 3-7 working days to process funds.

Ease of Use

Luckily, most of the payment types are all easy to use. You can make a deposit within minutes and you are also able to easily set up your account.


The likes of PayPal and Skrill are versatile payment types, that extend further than just gambling sites. You’re also able to use these payments on other platforms.

Which are the Safest Casino Payments?

All of the payment types that we have listed are completely safe. Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Trustly, Skrill, PaySafeCard, Pay by Phone Bill are all recognised for being trustworthy.

Enjoy lots of reputable payment types that make it their duty to keep your money and identity completely safe.

Something worth thinking about, is whether to utilise an extra barrier of security. This means using bank transfer companies, an e-wallet or anything other your bank account. As it separates the casino site from your bank, ultimately ensuring that no one is able to intercept your details.

How Can I Withdraw Winnings?

Withdrawing winnings is an easy task. Go to your betting wallet, and next to deposit, you will see the option to withdraw. You can then pick the amount that you wish to withdraw, depending on the site’s terms and the withdrawal method, it could take hours or up to 10 working days.

Most casinos state that you must withdraw the same way that you deposited. If you did deposit and then won with that money, you will usually need to withdraw via the same method.

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