Taco Brothers Slots

Created by Elk Studios, Taco Brothers breaks the mold slightly by having a full (and bizarre) backstory to its gameplay! Taking place in Mexico in the village of Santa Maria, the Taco Brothers – Paso, Pepe, and Pico – take on the evil Captain Diaz and their ban on tacos, as well as getting help the Captain’s beautiful daughter. This backstory isn’t just set dressing: everything in the game is themed around it, creating an interesting and engaging cartoon-like art style that never looks out of place!

The Treasure

The Taco brothers need appropriate rewards and tools on their quest, and the game is happy to provide! You’ll see reels full of guitars, lanterns, shovels, cacti, and other theme-appropriate items, all worth up to 80 coins, while the brothers themselves go for 100 (Pico), 330 (Pepe) and 400 (Paso) if you’re able to gather them! This can open up even more opportunities for big wins, especially if you get great combinations across multiple spins!

That’s not all there is to the game, though. If you get three Safe symbols, you can get a Taco Brothers re-spin to give you an extra chance to earn even more. If you trigger Free Spins, they’ll also be multiplied by the Exploding Safe Multiplier thanks to Pico’s love of explosions.

Not only that, but you’ll end up with some Running Wilds, giving you a minigame of the brothers trying to escape the town reel by reel. If all three are caught by Captain Diaz, the minigame’s up, but the sudden appearance of the beautiful senorita can release one of them to give you a fighting chance.

The Stakes

Thanks to the extremely low minimum stake (only 0.01 coins), as well as the fact that you can go as high as 50 coins, you can employ a wide range of strategies and betting techniques and still walk away with a profit. The bonuses don’t rely on a certain wager amount to activate, so even a small bet can be enough to trigger something great! As with many Elk Studios games, there are dozens of ways to play, and there’s nothing wrong with altering your strategies or focus mid-game.

Should I Play It?

Even if the plight of the Taco Brothers themselves isn’t enough to draw you in, the bonuses on offer will be! Having multiple different levels of bonuses to earn, some of which can trigger each other, is a great incentive to give it a try, especially since you’re not forced to bet a certain amount of money each time!