Ted Slots

You’ve probably heard of the hit 2012 movie Ted, starring the famous Mark Wahlberg. It’s interesting blend of live-action and 3D animation has made the titular Ted one of the more well-known modern animated characters, so it’s not surprising that some Ted-themed slots have been spring up, with some of them still gaining a lot of players to this very day.

Taking inspiration from the movie itself, the official Ted slots are set in a cartoonish living room and contain a lot of references and hints to the movie’s own visuals – if you’re already a fan, there’s plenty here to enjoy, but you won’t feel excluded if you’re not. Also, due to its design, it’s responsive on any device, allowing it to scale and react to your screen size and orientation.

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to these Ted slots, so it’ll all be split up into different sections below.

The Basic Gameplay

The Ted slots take a simple slot game base and add a range of different features to it, but it’s important to understand the simpler parts first. It’s a five-reel slot game with 20 paylines, based on the standard five-reel shot designs you’ll have seen in the past. It has quite a wide range of symbols, but the most basic are four letters: A, K, J, and Q.

Symbols with higher values are all based on the movie itself, with the Wild symbol being Ted – this means that he can substitute for any other non-bonus symbol on the reels, making him a very useful symbol to land on.

The Bonuses

To start, there are five major bonus games you can unlock, each of which has its own special benefits on offer.

The first is Flash Free Spins, which presents you with a spinnable wheel that gives you some free spins and multiple extra bonuses that apply to your game immediately. There’s a wide range of combinations on offer, but many of them involve special multipliers or other boosts to your existing bet.

The second, Big Money, enters you into a special bonus that gives you a single big multiplier for your bet, which can be different every time. The third, Bar Crawl Bonus, is a more involved version of this, acting like a miniature board game where you land on different multipliers and other special side bonuses.

The fourth is Wheel of Fartune, which is another wheel-based sub-game that can offer cash bonuses or extra multipliers. Finally, there’s Super Mart Free Spins, which offers an increased amount of wild symbols that offer more bonus money on top of your normal winnings.

After any bonus feature, you’re able to choose whether you take your money or gamble it to try and win larger bonuses – the longer you play, the more likely you are to hit that huge 500x multiplier jackpot, but you can also play it safe and keep your winnings at any time.

Other Features

There are six other extra features that you can trigger at random, too, all of which add some extra bonuses or effects to your reels. The first, Beer Streak, will change any winning combinations into other winning combinations, giving you a chance at boosting your winnings in the process. The second, named Psychedelic Super Spin, will add a large amount of Ted symbols that can eventually lead to extra winning combinations, even if your normal spins didn’t give you anything worthwhile.

After that is Laser Gun Wilds, which will randomly transform certain symbols into Wilds for a higher potential payout, and TV Remote Symbol Streak, which will let you go on a chain of free spins until you stop getting winning combinations. The fifth feature is a version of the Psychedelic Super Spin known as the Psychedelic Colossal Spin, which guarantees a big prize every time!

Finally, there’s the Psychedelic Bonus Boost, which is one of the simplest features – Ted blows some smoke on the rails and increases the number of bonus symbols on offer, giving you a higher chance of triggering a bigger bonus and earning even more benefits.

Can I Make My Odds Better?

Like a lot of slot games, there’s no way to artificially force your chances to be better, but the large amount of bonuses on offer means that larger bets lead to larger rewards. If you’re activated a bonus or feel like one will be active soon, try to bet high – but make sure you’re still playing reasonably.

Since these Ted slots are seen as a medium variance game, you can still get somewhere by betting low – you’ll just not receive as much money if you win. In fact, small bets can still trigger the huge bonuses, too, so feel free to play in whatever way you’re comfortable.

Should I Play It?

If you’re a fan of slot games with a lot of extra features and bonuses to activate, Ted is definitely worth your time, especially since they can activate at random and turn a tiny pool of winnings into a huge profit out of nowhere! Many of them can even activate each other, so lucky players can end up with a chain of bonuses that rapidly boosts their winnings. It’s not hard to see why Ted is such a popular slot game, especially for a branded game.