Secrets of the Phoenix

Secrets of the Phoenix offers cascading reels and a host of other bonuses to its players, mixing great gameplay with a distinct visual style to keep you engaged and ready to win!

A Quick Overview

Secrets of the Phoenix gives you multiple ways to bet, using coins that can be worth anything from £0.01 to a whole £8.00. This makes it great for people who like to bet carefully, rather than being forced to use a certain amount every time. It’s a 3×5 reel set with up to 25 paylines available at any time, making it instantly familiar to any seasoned slot players.

The Raining Reels

The Raining Reels are one of the game’s main features, and are based on standard cascading reels gameplay – if you get a winning combination, the symbols involved will disappear and new ones will fall in from above, meaning that you can chain a theoretically endless sequence of wins if you’re extremely lucky! This happens for every bet and only ends when you stop getting winning combinations, meaning that you can end up turning a big profit on a small bet if luck is on your side.

Phoenix Stacked Wilds

If you’re able to get a win that causes an entire vertical reel to fall down, it’s replaced with a Phoenix Stacked Wild, which is essentially counted as one giant Wild symbol that other reels can use as a substitute symbol. This makes it much easier to get a second big win, and you might even end up triggering another bonus with it if you’re really lucky!

These new Wild symbols only stick around for one more reel, so they’ll be replaced quite quickly, but you can re-trigger them any time you wipe another reel.

Free Spin Bonuses

If you’re able to trigger four sets of Raining Reels on a single spin, you get a free spin bonus, which acts as a bonus round of entirely free spins. You’ll have a set number of these spins, but you can earn more if you’re lucky, so it’s possible to extend the bonus round by winning more free spins. Other than that, it adds no major changes to gameplay – but, if you’re really lucky, you can trigger one of the other bonuses with your free spins instead!

The Return-to-Player Ratio

Secrets of the Phoenix has a good RTP of 94.97%, meaning that for every £100 of wagers it’ll pay out just under £95 in winnings. Not bad for a slot game, and since that percentage is just an estimate, it’s entirely possible to end up with far more than you started with!