Planet of the Apes Slots

The Planet of the Apes slot game takes the famous movie franchise and turns it into an interesting and unique gambling experience, complete with the signature high-quality touches of NetEnt and their team. Perhaps the most noticeable part of its gameplay is the fact that it’s two different games rolled into one – you’re dealing with two separate play areas, complete with their own bonuses, symbols and random chances to win!

As you might expect, the slots use a lot of material from the movies, so fans will have plenty that they recognize! The one constant between both play areas is Caesar, with each side having different characters, symbols and special bonus features that are activated independently. The top jackpot is a huge x1000 your original bet, with bets being limited anywhere between 20p and £200 for a single spin.

Why is it Good?

The Planet of The Apes slot game’s greatest strength is its two-play-area design, an extremely unique feature that barely any other games have managed to repeat successfully. Having two separate slot reels that you bet on doubles your chances of winning as well as adding extra bonus features to exploit for bigger payouts, all without breaking the theme of the movie!

Plus, its RTP is a fairly high 96.33 – less than many other games, but the increased chance of winning from two sets of reels makes it more than worth it.

How to Play

Despite having two play areas, this game is just like any other standard slot game!

  1. You select the number of paylines you want to use (or use MAX BET to automatically bet on every payline.
  2. Then you choose the level you want to bet at (20 coins per bet).
  3. You can spring the reels manually, or use AUTOPLAY to automatically queue up to 1,000 spins in a row.

You can also check how much each symbol is worth by using the exclamation mark (!) button to open the paytable.

The Wild Symbol

Like most good slot games, Planet of the Apes comes with Wild symbols that can be used to trigger special bonuses or substitute for other symbols. There’s one for each playing area – gold on the left, red on the right.  They’re functionally the same, but are worth far more than other symbols, giving you an x600 multiplier if you get five in a row in a winning combination.

Stacked Wilds

Stacked wilds can happen on the Rise side of the board, and they’ll get duplicated onto the Dawn reels in the same way, which can turn a losing combination into a winning one if you’re really lucky.

Play Area Bonuses

Each play area has its own special bonuses, which act differently and are triggered separately. On the Rise side, if you get a Wild symbol on reel one, you’ll trigger the Rise Bonus: an instant win for every “character” symbol (human or ape) on the reels.

On the Dawn side, you’ll earn the Dawn Bonus if a Wild lands on reel five. For the next spin (and the next spin only), all human and ape symbols will transform into one symbol, awarding you a bonus prize depending on how many there are.

Free Spins

It wouldn’t be slots without free spins, and there are two different types on offer here!

The Dawn free spins are triggered by the scatter symbol landing three times on the rightmost reels. This gives you fifteen free spins and three more Wild symbols, which you can start to collect – collect up enough to fill the meter, and you’ll get bonus multipliers to your winnings, three more spins, or even an instant swap-out that changes human symbols into even more Wilds.

The Rise bonus is similar, requiring you to get three scatters on the leftmost reels. This gives you ten free spins and saves every Wild that appears, adding them back onto the reels once your spins are up and giving you a final chance to win a huge bonus!

In addition, any time you get three or more scatters on either side, you can earn even more free spins and other bonuses to keep the chain going!