Rainbow Magic Slots

Rainbow Magic takes the colorful world of your average fairy tale and twists it into a simple, easy-to-play slot game that doesn’t overwhelm you with flashy lights and blinding colors. Despite its cutesy look, it offers some amazing deals to both new and returning players, with a potential line bet bonus of 1,250x to take you far beyond what you’d win at other games! With the right combination of symbols and bonuses, that can give you a jackpot of 25,000 coins, and all you need is good luck!

On top of that is the bonus free spin round, which isn’t something you use often in three-reel slots: like a lot of features, it takes the basic three-reel design and builds on it, creating something unique yet very entertaining. Not only that, but it’s not very volatile, so it’s a relatively safe place to make bets of any size.

The Setting

Rainbow Magic’s fairy tale style works to its strengths, making each symbol clear and easy to tell apart without sacrificing its 3D visuals and great interface. It’s quite a simple design, but that’s a great thing for players who don’t want to get distracted by over-the-top visuals and effects that add nothing to the gameplay. The mixture of 2D and 3D graphics feels almost nostalgic sometimes, like it’s been pulled from the glory days of early online casinos and had a fresh coat of paint.

True to its name, there’s a lot of color in Rainbow Magic, but not so much that it hurts your eyes to look at. No slot game will look amazing to everybody, but something about the simplicity and honesty of the game’s graphics makes it more appealing than most.

The Betting

But enough about the visuals: how does it actually play? As mentioned before, Rainbow Magic offers an excellent maximum bonus of up to 1,250x the betting line.  You’ll earn this if you’re lucky enough to get five gold pots to fall onto your paylines in an X shape.

However, there are also of plenty smaller multipliers and bonuses you can get even if you miss out on the big jackpot, and since there’s a relatively low volatility level, you can make some larger bets with a higher chance of at least one paying off. This kind of reliability is quite common in three-reel slot games, but it seems even more prevalent here.

When it comes to actually betting, you have quite a wide range of ways to use your credits – you can bet anything from a whole 100 to as little as 0.25 credits, so you’re not forced to bet high if you don’t feel comfortable doing it.

Other Bonuses

Most three-reel games avoid huge bonuses almost entirely, but not Rainbow Magic. You can trigger sets of 10 free spins by simply getting three of the Magic Ring icons at once, and it’s entirely possible to re-trigger it again with the free spins you already have, creating a chain of free chances to win. These free spins also give you a chance of getting twice your bet back, which can help you reach the aforementioned 1,250x bet line bonus.

However, there’s not any huge side distractions or mini-games on offer: this keeps the experience pure and simple, and you aren’t pushed around into extra activities that don’t interest you.

Should I Play It?

Rainbow Magic is a slot game done right, nothing more, and nothing less. It has no groundbreaking extra side-games or anything to shake up the formula too much, but it’s a great example of a slot game that offers good bonuses without sacrificing its gameplay or value to its players.