Bitcoin Slots Sites

The current infatuation with cryptocurrencies shows no sign of wavering. The gambling industry, who are notorious for embracing new technology as soon as it emerges, have started to take them seriously.

Bitcoin especially has taken off in a massive way and the continued press coverage of it has ensured that its value continues to climb rapidly. In the twelve months between January 2017 and December 2017 the value of one Bitcoin rose by $16,200!

With the potential for huge profits, both for the gamer and the game provider, it was only a matter of time before Bitcoin slots sites started to dominate the market. These websites operate exactly like a traditional slot site with top software such Netent slots. The obvious exception is that you are using cryptocurrency rather than a more traditional form of money.

How to Play Slots with Bitcoin

If you want to learn how to play slots with Bitcoin then it won’t take you very long to grasp the concept at all.

  1. The first thing you’ll need is a wallet. These can be found online or there are lots of apps to choose from, too.
  2. Once you have your wallet you can purchase your Bitcoin by exchanging it for fiat money and then transferring the amount you want to play with into your wallet.
  3. After you have chosen a Bitcoin slot website you want to play on, simply register for an account. The beauty of this digital currency is that the transactions are anonymous, so you don’t have to give out any personal information at all. Now that you are all signed up, simply deposit the amount you wish to have in your account to play with.
  4. That’s it! Playing the games is exactly the same as a traditional slot site with the same perks, variety and fun to be had. Good luck!

Bitcoin Slots Free Spins

Almost every slots site offers free games to give you a taster of what the site has to offer, and Bitcoin slots sites are no exception to the rule. If anything, the Bitcoin slots with free spins offer more than a conventional free spin slot because the operator is trying to attract more interest to the games.

So, while you might only be expecting free spins don’t be surprised if you get additional bonuses to encourage you to stay. Things like access to exclusive content, bonus codes and even free Bitcoins are not uncommon.

Bitcoin slots sites have attracted a lot of interest and competition is fierce, so do your homework and you could end up with more free spins and offers than you could shake a stick at.

Bitcoin Slots App

Another development as a consequence of Bitcoin’s massive popularity is the introduction of Bitcoin slots apps. They can be found both on Apple’s iOS Store and the Google Play Store for mobile devices, tablets and iPads. They enable you to play popular games like Immortal Romance slots and many others. The vast majority of them are free or extremely inexpensive to download and offer a real alternative to playing on your PC.

There are now as many gaming choices in the slots apps as there are for the online versions. Choose from a multitude of different slots themes including:

  • Movie tie-ins
  • Television tie-ins
  • Collaborations with music icons
  • Fantasy
  • Ancient history
  • Traditional favourites
  • Video slots…

…and much more. The gameplay on mobile slot apps has the same incredible graphics and sound as the PC counterpart but with the added bonus of being able to play anywhere you like. Just deposit your Bitcoins and play to your heart’s content.

Making Payments with Bitcoin

Making payments with Bitcoin is as easy as making a payment with regular fiat money. Many people are fearful of digital currency because the currency is still in its infancy, but if anything it is actually a much safer way of sending a transaction. It is used as an alternative to other popular methods like Skrill gaming payments which many people use.

Every transaction is anonymous – the only details that are attached to it are your wallet’s ‘address’. The slot site that you choose will have a ‘deposit’ section in the members’ area. Simply transfer the money from your online wallet into the deposit section as you would do with any other form of currency and you should be free to start playing straight away.

Withdrawals are equally as easy. Just transfer the Bitcoin from the site to your online wallet. You can either choose to keep the digital coins there or you can transfer it to your bank account and withdraw it as fiat money. It couldn’t be easier.

Slot Sites that Accept Bitcoin

The number of slots sites that accept Bitcoin has increased rapidly over the past twelve months thank to the continued press exposure. Many of the latest slots websites are now accepting this method of payment. In addition to the amazing gaming experience, the fantastic introductory offers and the enormous potential jackpots, the main reason that they are so popular is that the house advantage and the fees are reduced.

With cryptocurrencies like this there are no transaction fees involved, so this is obviously very enticing for the players. The House advantage is also significantly reduced, so you have more of an opportunity to win big.

Sign up to a Bitcoin slot site today and see how much you are missing out on.