Pay by Mobile Slots

Slots games have always been immensely popular and that trend has only continued to grow with the advent of online gaming. Technology in this area is advancing at such a rapid rate that the industry is changing at almost a daily rate.


However, the gambling industry is used to this. They are always at the forefront of new technology and the first to use it to make their experience more welcoming for its customers. When the internet started becoming more widely available, the gambling industry acted by introducing online gaming. When smartphones took off, games were quickly developed to embrace it.


A the moment, currencies and ways to pay are the big revelations. Cryptocurrencies are now being widely accepted such as Bitcoin for slots, as are other ways to make paying convenient. Paying by mobile slots are now making significant gains in the gambling industry. With so much technology packed into our smartphones, it makes sense to offer a payment system that can be settled at a later date and is widely accepted.


Expect to see a dramatic rise in pay by mobile slots sites and games in the near future as this method of payment collects more and more attention.

Pay By Phone Bill Slots

Pay by phone bill slots use much the same technology as calling a premium phone number, only with the technology being adapted to mobile gaming with popular games like Immortal Romance slot machine available on many sites. If you think of them as a Buy Now Pay Later option, then you’re not too wide of the mark.


Private landlines have somewhat faded into the background over the past twenty years. Everyone has a mobile phone now instead, and the majority of them are on contract tariffs. It makes sense to be able to add services that your phone uses to your phone bill.


If you play slots online then why not embrace the convenience of being able to add your gaming budget to your phone bill? The advantages are numerous:


  • No need to pull out your card in a public place and show your details to everyone
  • No need to save multiple details online therefore decreasing the chance of identity theft
  • One payment that comes out on a set date every month
  • Being able to keep track of how much you are spending by looking at your monthly bill
  • No need to transfer money between accounts to fund your gaming


Slot Sites with Phone Payment

Slots sites with phone payment are popping up all of the time. The faster that this technology is embraced then the most commonplace it will become. Some of the most popular operating systems include the Gamomat slot software which is available on many sites. There are already a number of big name slot sites that accept pay by mobile and it won’t be long before more join the trend.


With the popularity of online slot machines showing no sign of waning, and as we rely more and more on our phones, it looks as though paying by mobile is here to stay.

Slots Games Mobile Bill

If you enjoy playing slots games online then you’ll want as many gaming options as possible. That should also include as many paying options as possible so the experience remains seamless. Whether you like playing slots,


  • At home on a PC
  • On a smartphone
  • On a tablet
  • On a laptop, the options are plentiful.


It stands to reason, then, that there should be as many payment options as there are ways to play. Playing slot games and paying via your mobile phone bill makes perfect sense.


  1. It’s a regular bill that you pay
  2. You know when payment is expected of you
  3. You will know how much you will be expected to pay when you get your bill
  4. It is easy to set up


Pay With Mobile Slot Games

If you pay with your mobile account to fund your slot games then you’re officially ahead of the curve. This method of payment shows signs of becoming just as popular as credit cards and Paypal slot sites online.


Paying by mobile phone bill while you play slots allows you to have an extended credit line. If you are on a winning streak and want to carry on, as long as you can afford what it takes to keep playing then why not pay later in the month on your phone bill?


By having the freedom of paying a bit later it gives you the opportunity to spread the cost a little rather than paying for your gaming in one immediate lump sum. It is this flexibility that has caused the pay by mobile revolution, allowing you to enjoy the games without the hassle of finding immediate payment.