Realtime Gaming Slots

Established in 1998, Realtime Gaming have put their twenty years of experience to good use and are currently busier than ever.  Sometimes known as RTG, the brand made a huge impact in the video slots part of the market and have won countless awards for their efforts.


With a portfolio containing hundreds of games and an emphasis on exclusive features, this brand has a reputation for quality. Their ability to put a new spin on an old classic remains unsurpassed and they are constantly improving their catalogue.

Realtime Gaming Software

Realtime gaming software is constantly improving and taking advantage of the latest developments and trends. As technology improves, so does their online experience. If you’re a fan of other popular game providers like Novomatic slot software, we are sure you’ll love this one too.


Huge gains have been made in the past ten years that the software took full advantage of. What with the introduction of Wifi and the leaps in smartphone technology, Realtime took these advances and made their slots experience even more interactive and spectacular than ever.


If you’ve played the best online slots games before, especially video slots, then there’s a good change that you’ve played on a game that incorporates Realtime gaming software. It’s fast, fun and frenetic!

Real Time Gaming Sites

If you are looking for the best online slots experience then you really need to check out the Real Time Gaming sites. They have left no stone unturned to provide players with what they know and love, but brought them into the 21st century with the latest that technology has to offer.


To make sure that gameplay never gets stale, Real Time release a new game every month and have titles centered around:


  • Sports
  • Mythology
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • Ancient history
  • Wrestling
  • Animation


These genres are just the tip of the iceberg and there is so much more to explore. The sites are constantly being updated, which is why they are the best around. If you love old favourites like the Immortal Romance slot then you’ll want to try these out.

Realtime Gaming No Deposit Slots

Realtime Gaming no deposit slots started popping up when the demand for them went through the roof. In order for online casinos to survive they need as much traffic coming their way as possible. This means giving their punters what they want – and they want it for free.


Today’s punter knows how demanding they can afford to be. If one site doesn’t offer them something intriguing like free play slots then they’ll just go on to the next site. In order to retain their loyalty they need to make a positive first impression that will last.


In order to achieve this, casino operators reached out to companies like this to produce slots that would captivate their audience and keep them coming back for more.


Realtime more than stepped up to the challenge, and their outstanding, award-winning work became a staple of slots operators around the world.

Real Time Gaming Mobile

Another area in which this software brand has excelled is the mobile slot game experience. They were able to take the knowledge and expertise that they had gained producing their online games and channel it into developing their beloved titles for the mobile market.


The Real Time Gaming mobile market exploded with the increase in popularity of smartphones and tablets. These portable devices would allow gamers to play on the move whenever and wherever they liked. The slots were ported to these new devices with no loss of fun, features or visual and audio quality.


The mobile gaming business is set to take over thanks to this superb quality and the convenience it offers. Many sites even give you the option of paying for slots by mobile now so it’s even easier to make deposits.


  • Play on the bus or the train on your phone the way to a shopping trip
  • Take your tablet on a plane and make a long flight that much more bearable
  • Play on your laptop in a hotel room while you wait for your other half to get ready


The possibilities are endless. One thing is for sure, Real Time have expanded and improved considerably in their first twenty years, the next twenty years will see more of the same.