Jurassic Park Slot Machine

Play the Jurassic Park slot’s bonus features, scatters, and progressive jackpots on the catastrophic island of Isla Nublar!

We look at the various machine variants of this game, as well as its highly immersive gameplay, prizes, and in-game clips from the original movie, in this Jurassic Park Slot Review.

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    About Jurassic Park Slot Game

    Imagine a world wherein it would be easy to stumble upon a terrific Tyrannosaurus Rex guarding its monstrous-sized Jurassic park prizes.

    It may sound impossible but thanks to IGT Software, players can get these massive wins online without being put in any danger – a welcome bonus indeed!

    This licensed slot machine was created by IGT and is based on the original 1993 Jurassic Park film, which has since become a classic.

    The Jurassic Park slot is an IGT Software video slot game based on the 1993 original hit film by Steven Spielberg.

    It has 5 reels and in the background are incredibly crisp and spectacular original movie clips. The theme is clearly reflected in the game icons, which include various forms of dinosaurs, dinosaur eggs, and the main characters from the film.

    IGT’s Jurassic Park slot game has three different variations. Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park: Wild Excursion, and Jurassic Park: Wild Storm are the three films.

    Jurassic Park is a fantastic, exciting online casino slot game with a variety of interactive features on the reels, including multipliers, progressive jackpots, free spins, bonus tokens, and the winning symbols on the reels that give great payouts.

    After unveiling the land-based slot machine in 2013, IGT quickly followed up with online and smartphone versions of Jurassic Park slots. Both Android and iOS users can download the slots apps on any mobile or tablet device.

    How to Play Jurassic Park Slots Online

    Starting the Jurassic Park slot game is pretty much straightforward and easy to understand.

    Whether on the base game or during any bonus feature, you must begin by setting your wager. You can settle this by Using the left and right arrows to navigate. Then, to begin the game, press the SPIN button.

    Interactive Features

    Progressive Jackpot

    Unlike most progressive slot games, there is no bet limit to deposit in order to win the progressive jackpot in Jurassic Park.

    However, if you pay less than the maximum bet, your chances of winning are reduced. The progressive jackpot on this slot is networked across a large region, allowing it to grow quickly.


    During this feature, you can choose one of five multipliers. The bonus multipliers to choose from are 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, and 7x your initial bet. Note that you get fewer bonus spins when you choose bigger multipliers. However, choosing the 7x multiplier maxes out the bonus when it hits.

    Bonus Tokens

    Bonus tokens can be saved when you play for use later in the game. These tokens can be used on a variety of IGT slots, not just the Jurassic Park one.

    What Symbol Triggers the Jurassic Park Slot Bonus Free Spins?

    The Raptor Rampage Free Spins feature in the Jurassic Park slot allows you to unlock special prizes such as extra free spins or multipliers when it is triggered.

    When you activate the free spins bonus, you will have a minimum of 8 spins. You will activate higher bonus levels with higher progressive jackpots when you play the free spins bonus game.

    Paylines and Stakes

    There are 50 paylines available when you play on the slots. You can play the game with a minimum bet of £0.50, an average bet of £1.25, and a max bet of £3.

    Certain Jurassic Parks slots allow you to make a few winning combinations worth up to £12,000 with a maximum wager of £12.

    Jurassic Park Slot Game Software

    The Jurassic Park slot is powered by IGT Software.

    IGT’s slot machines are well-liked by slot players. This company is a major software developer capable of producing a variety of cutting-edge online casino slot games, such as the Jurassic Park slot.

    What is the Jurassic Park Slot’s RTP?

    Steven Spielberg has an online Jurassic Park slots that has a return to player worth RTP 96.67%.

    Online slots with this kind of RTP rate allow any level of player to theoretically get a max win over 96.67 for every 100 wagered.

    Slot Volatility

    The volatility for Jurassic Park is a medium variance.

    In general, the game is set to medium volatility, but in this version, IGT allows you to customize the variance rating for the bonus game by selecting the multiplier.


    Getting the max win here is definitely easier than outrunning a mighty tyrannosaurus rex and you can easily gain it when you either play for real money or for fun!

    Finally, this Jurassic Park Slot Review concludes that this slot game is overall impressive. The game design is crisp and smooth, and the movie clips are amusing, as we can see in this casino review.

    Aside from that, the game’s interactive features and bonus games are appealing, allowing players to take their own risks. Try out the Jurassic Park slot machine at one of our suggested slot locations!

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