Creature from the Black Lagoon Slot Machine

Dive into the deep, dark waters of the Black Lagoon. Save the damsel in distress and defeat the creature that hails from the depths of the lake.

Can you brave the elements to bring big wins to the surface?

Train to battle the monster with sticky wilds and action-packed bonus games while winning fabulous prizes along the way in this Creature from the Black Lagoon Slot Review

Best Creature from the Black Lagoon Slot Sites

From our research, we have created a list of the Best Creature from the Black Lagoon Slot Sites in June 2022:

    How to Play Creature from the Black Lagoon Slots Online

    To start playing the Creature from the Black Lagoon Slot, a player has to set up the game.

    • The coin size in the game ranges from 0.01 to as high as 0.5. Though the game has 20 paylines, these paylines are fixed.
    • After setting the coin size, the next thing to do is to set the betting levels. Creature from the Black Lagoon has the minimum betting level of one and the maximum betting level of 10.
    • After setting up the coin size and the bet levels, the only thing left to do is to click on the Spin button to turn the reels.

    Creature from the Black Lagoon Slots machine Symbols

    Defeat the creature from the Black Lagoon wherever you are. The game is playable in mobile phones for both android and Apple devices. The game does not have a downloadable app, but the game and website are optimized for tablets and phones.

    Interactive Features

    Creature from the Black Lagoon is a video-based slot game that has most of the features that modern slot games have. This game has several wilds and a bonus game.

    • The Creature from the Black Lagoon Logo. The green logo of the game is the wild symbol. Unlike other slot games, there are three different wilds in Creature from the Black Lagoon. The wild can substitute for other symbols, except the scatter and free spin.
      • The Sticky Wild is found in the bonus game. This wild can replace the regular game symbol in the bonus rounds.
      • Whenever the Spreading Wild appears on the reels, the symbols surrounding the reels turn into wilds.

    Paylines and Stakes

    To win at the Creature from the Black Lagoon, a player has to line up matching symbols across a payline. Some of the symbols are the items found in the movie. The other symbols are the main characters of the film.

    Creature from the Black Lagoon Slots Symbol winning Paylines

    The low-paying values in the game are the binoculars, cameras, knives, and oxygen tanks.

    The high-paying icons in the game are Lucas, Carl, David, and Kay. Lucas was the sailor, Carl was the older man with the old school camera, and David was the man with the oxygen tank. Kay is the only lady in the group.

    Here are the values that the high-paying symbols award in increasing order. The equivalent values for each symbol show the three-of-a-kind first, followed by the four-of-a-kind award. The last value is the five-of-a-kind jackpot.

    • Lucas = 10, 100, 400
    • Carl = 15, 150, 500
    • David = 20, 200, 600
    • Kay = 25, 250, 750

    The biggest jackpot in the game is 750.

    About Creature from the Black Lagoon Slot

    Creature from the Black Lagoon is a game with five reels arranged in three rows. The game has twenty paylines. On average, the jackpot in the game is 750.

    It was based on the classic black and white film of the same name. In the game, the player is a part of a group of researchers to discover an unusual animal. Instead, the travellers meet the monster they have to defeat to escape with big prizes.

    The theme of the game follows its name and its inspiration. The colour palette, symbol design, and graphics are intentionally dark and murky.

    The background of the screen is a dark blue-green shade. A faint light shines from one corner of the screen, imitating an underwater scenery. The reels themselves are transparent with no visible borders.

    The symbols of the game are a mix of explorer items and the leading characters. The icons are designed to look retro similar to what the original poster of the movie looked like.

    All the necessary buttons and information for the game can be found at the bottom part of the screen. The control panel displays the players bet, the bet level, the coin value, and the amount the player has earned. In the middle of the control panel, the Autoplay and Max Be option are placed with the Spin button in between.

    The audio of the game is very immersive and on-theme. A soft soundtrack from the movie plays in the background which is occasionally interrupted by a dramatic chorus whenever the player hits a winning combination. Some winning combinations have an accompanying dialogue as the soundtrack.

    Creature from the Black Lagoon Slots Game Software

    NetEnt developed creature from the Black Lagoon.

    Netent powers Creature from the Black Lagoon Slots

    his project was done in cooperation with Universal Production. Different features are included in the game that adds excitement and more winning chances.

    NetEnt has many games that are based off blockbuster movies.

    What Symbol Triggers the Creature from the Black Lagoon Slot’s Bonus Free Games?

    • Battling the Creature from the Black Lagoon. The bonus game of Creature from the Black Lagoon gives a player the chance to fight off the creature itself.
      • This bonus feature is triggered when the free spins feature starts. The free spin begins when three or more of the free spin symbols land on the reels.
      • During the free spins feature, the creature suddenly appears and starts pulling and grabbing on Kay. The player has to look for the Target icon on the fifth reel to shoot the creature with a harpoon. Hit the creature until all the four levels of its health are depleted.

    – Level 1: Get two target symbols on the fifth reel, and any wild landing on the reels will stay for another turn. A respin will be awarded.

    – Level 2: Gather three or five symbols on the reels, and the first wild will be activated. The Spreading Wild feature will also be activated. The player also gets another respin.

    – Level 3: If the player can land six to eight of the target symbols on the reels, the Spreading Wilds will be triggered again. The player will receive another respin.

    – Level 4: When the player lands nine hits on the creature, they will be awarded ten more free spins. The Spreading Wilds will also be reactivated.

    The jackpot for each game differs every time. The size of the bet for each spinning round will determine the total size of the jackpot.

    What is the Creature from the Black Lagoon RTP Rate?

    The Creature from the Black Lagoon has an RTP rate of 96%.

    Creature from the Black Lagoon Slots Return to player

    This rate promises decent returns to players that are similar to returns from most games in the market.

    What is the Creature from the Black Lagoon Slot Volatility?

    Creature from the Black Lagoon Slot has high variance. The variance level promises bigger jackpots as the player plays the game longer.


    This game is a unique release. The sophisticated look, creepy play, coupled with complementing sounds, created a convincing ambience.

    The modern animation and interactive features made the game more interesting. The jackpot of the game can be relatively low, but the exciting play may keep many players engaged and enjoying the play. Making the jackpot progressive can help the game appeal to more players.

    The Creature from the Black Lagoon Slot is still worth to try in June 2022.

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