Genie Jackpots

Genie Jackpots games a standard 5-reel slot game and adds a variety of bonuses, making it a great choice for both new and veteran slots players in the process. With 20 paylines to win from and Wild symbols that can shake up the game in unexpected ways, there’s plenty of chances to win big and uncover bonuses than you never expected to earn!

Getting started is easy, thanks to the game’s simple overall design. You just make a wager with the plus and minus buttons, place a bet, and have it automatically apply to every possible payline. Then, you click spin (or use the Autoplay feature to schedule up to 25 spins) and hope for the best!

Bonuses Offered by Genie Jackpots

Genie Jackpots has multiple possible bonuses you can activate or acquire, all of which push your money a little bit further and give you a better chance of walking away with a big profit.

Mystery Win

The Mystery Win bonus game gives you an opportunity to earn more winnings after a good spin. You trigger them by getting a bonus symbol on the first and third reels, as well as a chest symbol on the fifth – the other symbols don’t matter, so you can easily get it after a great win during normal gameplay.

Once it activates, the Genie will show you a bonus prize, and you’re allowed to choose one of a trio of lamps for additional prizes. Each extra prize you get is combined with the previous one, until eventually you find a Collect symbol that multiplies your current winnings. However, this also ends the bonus game, so you want to be careful and avoid getting it too early if possible.

Magic Carpet

The Magic Carpet bonus can potentially multiply your original wager by 1000x if you’re incredibly lucky, but you’ll need to play carefully. It activates in the same way as Mystery Win, except you need a magic carpet symbol instead of a chest.

The gameplay of this bonus is simple – you’re given a pathway of various multipliers and have to choose from a selection of lamps, which can move you up spaces, give you extra multipliers or even skip you right to the Big Money multipliers. You’ll never know exactly what you’ll get, but it’ll always be a bonus to your existing funds in some way!

3 Wishes

The 3 Wishes Power Spins take the idea of a Genie’s three wishes and apply it to the slot game really well. It activates completely at random, and you’ll be given three Power Skins that have special wishes attached: each time, you’ll get to choose from a selection of lamps, applying extra prizes to your game.

Monkey Wild and Genie Wild symbols also change slightly, and can trigger a huge range of extra effects that push your 3 Wishes bonus even further!

Extra Details

Genie Jackpots has a progressive jackpot that you can only access during a 3 Wishes Bonus. Since it’s based on the number of players paying, it can be different every time: to win it, you need to get jackpot symbols in certain positions during the bonus spins.

All of the wins in the game, bonus or otherwise, begin from the far left, with the highest win being awarded if you have two that conflict. If you win across multiple lines, they’re added together, so you’ll be able to get one per line at a maximum. Scatter wins are added in the same way as normal money, but paid separately, so these rules don’t apply.

Keep in mind that the Progressive Jackpot doesn’t have a particular requirement to enter – it’s available on a stake of any size, with 1% of each stake going into the main pot and a further 0.1% going into the reserve.