Flux Slots

Flux slots give you a brightly-colored, visually-interesting gambling experience that’s far better than your average slot design, using a host of floating, spinning and drifting graphics that stand out from the crowd really well. It’s almost psychedelic, but that’s only part of the experience.

For a start, there are no visible reels. Everything’s floating in place, organized in their proper positions, but you’re not shown any hard lines or structure. It’s just you, the symbols and the background, along with a really fitting ambient soundtrack that helps draw you in without being distracting or awkwardly-timed. But that’s not all that’s good about it.

The Gameplay

Flux has a fairly normal gameplay design to start with, with 15 paylines and five reels in total. You can’t adjust the number of lines you’re using, but you’re not paying per line – your stake is per spin instead. To win, you’ll just need three consecutive and related symbols from left to right somewhere on the reels, with the payouts increasing if you get four or five in a row rather than just three. The most valuable is a yellow star, paying x24 your initial stake if you get five in a row, followed by an orange ball that’ll give you x12. Beyond that, the symbols are all different shapes and colors with their own multipliers.

There are quite a few different options to adjust while you’re playing, such as the volume of different parts of the sound (including the sound effects and the music, which are thankfully separate), as well as the game speed and the option to turn on spinning with the space bar on your keyboard. There’s also an autoplay feature, which allows you to schedule between 5 and 5,000 spins to automatically play one after the other, letting you try your luck without having to be constantly perched at your keyboard.

The Wild symbol, like in most slot games, substitutes for any other symbol. In this game, it’s a yellow W, which should be easy to spot. It can also be stacked, and might even fit a whole reel if you’re lucky. There’s also Scatter symbols, a white B, which activates the bonus feature if you get three at once.

The Bonus

The bonus round takes the name of the game and expands on it, putting the entire play area in a state of flux – up to three extra rows can be added, if you’re lucky!

You’ll get three initial choices. The first lets you “win both ways”, letting you get winning combinations in both directions rather than just from left to right. This also gives you a great number of free spins, more than any other option.

The second lets you play with three extra rows, doubling your chance of winning anything: but also giving you a reduced number of spins. The third gives you both bonuses, but barely any free spins. It’s up to you which you activate.

The amount of spins you’ll get depends on how many scatter symbols you got when the bonus was activated – four will double the amount you’d get from three, and five will triple it.

Is it worth it?

This is one of Thunderkick’s best games, and is an incredibly original experience in its own right. Not only are the visuals excellent, but you’re given a huge range of options to win, and the bonuses can shake up the game considerably. There’s no jackpot, but the bonuses can help you earn a huge amount of minor spins instead!