Cat In Vegas Slots

There are lots of different cats in Vegas, whether we are talking about the cool cats who stroll into casinos with dollars in their pockets or the real kind that keep themselves out of sight behind dumpsters.

With this Cats In Vegas slot game, it is pretty obvious from the offset what kind of cat you’re going to be. The character that is at the centre of this five-reel video slot game is the coolest cat in Vegas.

Together, you will be able to explore this casino-themed game and bring a touch of Vegas into your home. With 20 paylines, lots of bonus features, and a huge progressive jackpot this is a very rewarding slot game that will excite both seasoned and new players.

Meet Felix: Slot Game Features

When you first load up this slot game, you will be treated with a short animated introduction to give you an understanding of what the theme is all about.

This animation introduces us to our main character who quickly becomes the coolest cat in Vegas.

Felix is a dapper feline who strolls into Vegas from a windblown desert. The closer he approaches the city of Vegas, the more dapper he becomes – his clothes become smarter and his poise is more confident.

With this smart appearance and attitude, Felix is ready to hit the casinos – and make the playing floors purr with excitement.


As you would expect, this slot game has a heavy focus on the city of Las Vegas. The iconic Vegas strip is visible behind the reel grid during gameplay and truly brings the atmosphere of this stunning city into your home.

The reels are bordered by lightbulbs in homage to the classic mirrors that actors used in Hollywood or behind the scenes of Vegas’ biggest shows. This is a highly detailed slot game and the mock Effial Tower that belongs to Paris Las Vegas and part of the Bellagio are discernible in the background.

You will never forget where you are when playing this game, as the Cat In Vegas title appears above the reels with the ‘A’ in cat cleverly detailed with cat ears.

It is very easy for you to keep your eyes on the prizes in this game as a panel is located in the top right-hand corner of the screen that displays the progressive jackpot as it currently stands. The RTP of this slot game is 92%, which is quite low in this industry.

As you might expect, the aim of this game is to find matching combinations of three to five symbols on the reels. When you achieve this, payouts and lucrative bonuses will be triggered and added to your account.

You can bet between 0.01 and 100 on one to 20 lines.

When playing this game, you will need to keep your eyes peeled for the three high paying symbols – which shouldn’t be too hard to see. These symbols are represented as Felix decked out in sunglasses and a straw hat as he is chilling with a beverage; Felix brandishing a paw-full of dollars that he has just won in the casino, and Felix holding a stack of casino chips.

There are other symbols in this game that are shown as neon-colored card symbols, like 10s, Jacks, Aces, Kings, and Queens. The card symbols are the lower paying symbols in this game, which is standard for this industry.

The best symbol in this game is that of Felix brandishing the casino chips and this pays the most. Land on this symbol and you will be awarded 70 for three, 600 for four, and an incredible 1,500 for five.

Meanwhile, the symbol of Felix and the banknotes will payout 50 for three, 400 for four, and 1,00 for five. The lowest paying of these symbols is a chilled out Felix with sunglasses as this awards 30 for three, 100 for four, and 500 for five.

Special Icons

These Felix symbols can award out some pretty nice jackpots when they are found in the right combinations, but there are some other special icons that you should keep your eyes out for too.

The wild symbols in Cats in Vegas – which have the standard purpose of being able to be played stand-in for other symbols and help you increase your jackpot – are easy to recognize as they are represented by a large logo that says WILD on a purple background.

This symbol can be used as a surrogate for all others in this slot game. Landing on one of these icons can award you a handsome payout of 100 for three, 1000 for four, and 10,000 for five.

The scatter in this slot game is represented by the word’s The King Show. There are some great bonuses to finding this particular icon as it can trigger bonus games. If you manage to find this scatter symbol on reels two, four and five then it will trigger free games. This includes up to 20 spins and five sticky wilds.

There is also a Wheel Of Luck symbol which will only appear in the central reel and will trigger a special bonus. The Wheel Of Luck bonus is another mini-game in which our main man Felix will spin the wheel for a multiplier prize.

The wheel will continue to be spun until you land on a segment that you have already landed on previously. When this happens, the game will end and you will be taken back to the main screen.

The final bonus will be triggered during your game of Cat In Vegas when you land on the BONUS icon. This will appear on reels one, three and five. This is the bonus game where the progressive jackpot can be won so you really want to keep your eyes open for this one.

When you land on the BONUS icon, you will be taken to a mini-game where Felix will play four slot machines that award multipliers until they break down.

During this game, you will need to keep your eyes out for a sequence of red lights that will appear above the reels. If these red lights illuminate during the game, you will be able to get your hands on the progressive jackpot.

The best part about this feature is the fact that there are no wagering requirements in place so everyone has a fair shot at the progressive jackpot.

Final Notes

Cat In Vegas is a feature-rich game that has a lot to offer players, no matter what their experience is.

Not only does this slot game have wild and scatter symbols available, but the bonuses for these are amazing. If you manage to land on wild symbols during this game, you will be awarded payouts and the scatters will give you free spins.

If these features weren’t enough to get you interested in this slot game then the fact that there are also two bonuses and a progressive jackpot to be won is certainly going to do the trick.

The biggest downside of Cat In Vegas is the fact that there is a low RTP percentage, which is something you should keep in mind when you decide to try out this game.

Overall we would recommend this slot game, as long as you don’t go into it expecting frequent wins because this is very unlikely. Take the game for what it is and try to enjoy the Vegas experience all from the comfort of your own home.