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Unsure which god to worship? Well, why not try them all – the top 3 at least. Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon are all waiting to show you just how powerful they are. All you need to do is be on their side to gain from the gifts they bestow to any loyal mortal.

So, in this Rise of Olympus Slot Review, find out how you can win the infinite godlike prizes these deities have to offer you.

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    About Rise of Olympus Slot Game

    The earth was shaped by the gods, or so it was believed. Three, in particular, were known for starting it all and for ending the disasters that came with the life of their father, Cronos.

    Zeus and his brothers, Hades and Poseidon, unleashed their godly powers and overthrew their father. In doing so, they made the world beautiful, worthy of any mortal to set foot on and for any god to play around in and give players some divine rewards.

    These three gods were fearsome, yet they were also known for being generous to those who caught their eye or those they found worthy of their rewards. So, Play’n GO found a way to spread these gifts to other players in this five-reel video slot game that has no fixed pay-line.

    Players will surely enjoy this beautifully illustrated game as it provides a smooth gaming experience to any player, thanks to the wonderful graphics, exceptional artwork, and terrific payouts. There are also loads of wilds, free spins, cascading reels, and multipliers to look forward to.

    When the game begins, players are brought to Olympus, where Zeus reigns. Throughout the game, players will go through all the realms of the gods – from Zeus’ domain in Olympus, to Poseidon’s underwater kingdom, to the underworld where Hades rules over the dead.

    Each god uses their powers to take over the reels and make all winning combinations explode until the reels are empty. Every time the reels empty completely, another god takes over, and players will be transported to another setting.

    So, this game offers a unique gaming experience that will surely captivate and excite anyone into playing for hours at a time. There’s also a voice-over that comments on the severity of the combination. It also alerts players about how good the combination was.

    Also, players can expect to see a shield on the left side of the reels. Every time the meter in the shield fills up, it can trigger some free spins. So, if you think you can prove loyal enough, then spin the reels and see just how many prizes each god can give you.

    How to Play Rise of Olympus Slot Online

    Before dealing with the almighty gods, here are a few things to remember:

    • Click the (+/-) section to adjust the value as well as the coin amount.
    • Click the Spin button when you are ready to begin the game.

    Experience the generosity of the gods when you play the game on any mobile (Apple or Android), tablet, or PC/ Desktop device.

    Interactive Features

    Wilds and Cascading Reels. The wild symbol is the gold coin with the image of Pegasus on it. This icon can trigger multiplier wins, and it can make the reels cascade. You can activate this feature by landing three or more of the wild symbols on the reels. When some symbols get blasted off the reels, they will be replaced with wilds so they can create more winning combinations until the entire set of reels is empty. Although, when no more winning combinations can be made, then the cascade round will end, regardless of the reels being full or empty.

    Hand of God Feature. For this feature, the god standing on the right side of the reel can grant the following bonuses:

    • Two sets of symbols will explode and be replaced by new ones if Zeus is on the watch.
    • 1 to 2 wilds can appear on the reels if Poseidon in on the watch.
    • One set of symbols will turn into the same sign like the one beside it if Hades is on the watch.

    Wrath of Olympus. The shield represents the Wrath of Olympus meter. This icon can be found on the left side of the screen. Every time this fills up, it can trigger a free spin. This meter fills up whenever winning combinations are made with the help of the god standing by the reels or by landing consecutive winning combinations that include the gods’ symbols.

    What Symbol Triggers Rise of Olympus Slot Bonus Free Spins?

    Why wait for the meter to fill up when you can try clearing the reels instead? By doing so, players can win some free spins. However, since there are three gods involved in this game, there are three kinds of free spins to be won.

    • Zeus can award players with eight free spins as well as two extra free spins that come from the Wrath of Olympus Bonus.
    • Poseidon can award players with five free spins as well as three additional free spins that come from the Wrath of Olympus Bonus.
    • Hades can reward players with four free spins as well as four extra free spins that come from the Wrath of Olympus Bonus.

    Paylines and Stakes

    Together, these three brothers can provide players with countless coins and multiplier wins along with a whopping 500,000 jackpot prize. All this can be won by first placing a bet of 0.20 to 100 per spin.

    Doing so will unlock a game of godlike proportions, where the high paying symbols are none other than the gods themselves. Players who can land 3 to 5 of a kind of either Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, or a combination of the 3, can win amounts varying from 0.20 to 50 coins.

    Meanwhile, the tokens with the different symbols on it (the lyre, helmet, trident, and lightning bolt) act as the lower-paying symbols. By landing 3 to 5 of them on the reels, players can gain a minimum of 0.10. Players can also win a maximum of 3 coins.

    Rise of Olympus Slot Game Software

    Rise of Olympus is a slot game that was made possible by Play’n GO.

    Made for players by players, the Play’n GO team tailor their games to delight and entertain their players.

    What is Rise of Olympus Slot’s RTP?

    The Rise of Olympus game is a non-progressive slot game that has an RTP of 96.5%.

    This game gives players an average return of £96 for every £100 spent.

    Slot Volatility

    This slot game is a high variance game. That means the game provides players with pretty generous payouts, that only appear rarely. But, players can still win some reasonable amounts in the game. Spin on to see how much you can win!


    This game is an absolute gem. It’s innovative, immersive, and downright exciting as slot games go. It truly captures the capability of the gods as it can bring a lot of blessings to players. Although, it does take a while before players can win any significant amounts.

    The game, though, is pretty generous and the graphics do provide players with a fun and entertaining gaming experience. That said, players who are more experienced may find this more enjoyable over those players who are still getting accustomed to slot gaming.

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