Jimi Hendrix Slots

There are many different online slots games available at the moment, with more being released every single month. That can make it hard to keep track of which ones are worth checking out, even if you’re staying regularly up to date on the field. A good review can help you to get your head around whether or not a game and its theme are a good fit for you, and that’s what we’re here to do. Below, you’ll find our Jimi Hendrix Slots review. Read on to find out more about what we think of this hot new online slots game!

What is Jimi Hendrix Slots?

Back in 2016, popular gambling games developer NetEnt took the online slots world by storm with the release of their official Guns N Roses online slots game. It turns out that was only the first step of their plan, though, and that game has been rebranded as the first game in the “NetEnt Rocks” trilogy of online slots games. Jimi Hendrix Slots is the second of this trilogy, with a Motorhead Slots game on its way to round out the trilogy of rock music themed slots games.

The NetEnt Rocks trilogy of games have raised the bar for online video slots, with top of the range music, video sequences, and gameplay that excite and delight thousands of players. These games are 5 reel, 3 row slots with a great range of gameplay and bonus features, and we’ll go through that range of features below.


As you might expect from the name, the Jimi Hendrix Slots game is themed around enduringly popular rock music legend Jimi Hendrix, and brings that theme in to play at almost every level of the design of this online video slots game. One of the best features of the Net Ent Rocks trilogy of games is the soundtrack, which is made up of popular tracks by the artists in question. Players are given a choice of 5 different Jimi Hendrix hits to listen to while playing this slot, immersing them further into the theme and bringing Hendrix and his music to life.

In addition to this, the Jimi Hendrix Slots game includes clips of live concert footage of Jimi Hendrix himself. These are short enough that they don’t get in the way, and offer just enough real footage to make things exciting and bring a little of the atmosphere of a live concert into your home while you play this online video slots game.

Game features

Jimi Hendrix Slots is a solid, well designed 5 reel, 3 row online video slots game. It also features a number of great bonus features that users may find exciting, bringing a little more fun and complexity to the game.

The biggest of these features is the Legend Spins element, familiar from the earlier Guns N Roses slots game. This randomly awards players with 3 re spins with stacked wilds available on them. There is also a Solo Multiplier feature, which is once again awarded at random. This multiples random winning combinations for rewards increased by anywhere from x 4 to x 10.

Jimi Hendrix Slots also offers users Encore Free Spins, rewarding them with stacks of 10 free spins at a time, with a stacked wild available. There is also a bonus game known as Crowd Pleaser (bringing that musical theme into play once again). This allows players to pick from a range of features, including a great range of different possible coin wins at the end.

The NetEnt Rocks trilogy is up there with some of the biggest and best online video slots on offer from Net Ent. The Jimi Hendrix slots game is one of the best of these, and offers fun, exciting and highly themed elements to keep players excited and engaged at all times. If you’re a fan of Jimi Hendrix, then this is a great slots game to try, and it’s sure to have something to offer you!