500 Free Spins No Deposit

You’d be surprised how many casinos offer as many as 500 free spins to their users, but it’s quite a common practice, especially for new players or dedicated slot players. No matter who you are, having 500 chances to win a tidy profit or settle into a new slot game is a really useful bonus, and it’s worth taking advance of whenever you get the chance.

500 Free Slot Spins

In almost every slot game, a free spin is functionally identical to a paid one. This means that you can have up to 500 chances to win a huge jackpot, make back a decent profit, or even earn extra bonuses that might be hidden in some of the symbols on the reels. Virtual slots can have all kinds of mini-games or side gambles that can activate with certain symbol combinations, too, which means that you can even end up getting more free spins with the free spins you already have.

Unlike a money-based bonus, one spin will always be one spin, so you don’t need to worry about exchange rates or currency conversion. This also means that free spins are technically worth the same no matter where you live, so they can sometimes be more valuable than wager credit. They’re also easy to get through in-game bonuses, so you can add to your total if you make a lucky spin.

New Customer Offers of 500 Free Spins

If there’s one place that you can see huge amounts of free spins, its welcome bonuses. This makes sense, since they’re designed to draw in new customers and players – but even then, 500 is an extremely generous offer for nearly any player. Dozens of casinos make registration bonuses like this: Easy Slots, Slots Baby, Fairground Slots, Thor Slots, Wizard Slots, Cop Slots… the list is practically endless. Even relatively small casinos are sometimes happy to give new players a huge amount of spins at once, since it doesn’t cost them anything in the long-term.

Claiming these promotions isn’t difficult, but it doesn’t always stick to a no-deposit structure. You’ll often have to hit at least a minimum deposit level to claim them, so they’re not always truly free. However, in many cases, you’ll also be getting a deposit match bonus alongside them – this makes them feel like more of a free gift, with the match bonus being the part you’re actually paying for.

These offers sometimes also come with extra site benefits, such as winnings multipliers, extra wager credit, deposit bonuses or some other temporary boost. However, since 500 free spins are already incredibly generous and far beyond what many smaller casinos can offer, it’ll be rare to see so many rewards on a single system. You’re more likely to find these small extra bonuses in a rewards system, or built into the slot games themselves.

500 Free Spins with No Deposit

Deposit-free promotions are generally said to be the best you can find, since you don’t have to pay a single cent to claim the bonus or extra perks they give you. With free spins, this not only lets you play games completely for free, but gives you an opportunity to earn money or credit without having to put your own cash at risk.

As you might expect, 500 free spins with no deposit is a very rare deal that you won’t see very often. However, if you do, it’ll come with certain restrictions: for example, you might only be able to use the spins on a certain game. Always check the terms and conditions behind the offer before you accept it, since you never really know what you can and can’t do without investigating the rules yourself.

One of the biggest problems you might run into is with the money you earn. Certain free spins can only give you credit from your winnings, so you can’t withdraw anything that you win with them. This won’t bother people who only play for the experience, but anybody who wants to win real money will be disappointed. There are some ways around this, though…

500 Free Keep-What-You-Win Spins

They’re quite hard to find, but some casinos will give you free spins that let you keep any winnings you get as regular cash, with no hidden limits or terms on how you can use it. If you manage to get 500 of these spins at once, that’s 500 chances to hit a jackpot or turn a profit without costing you any extra money. You can easily walk away from the site with more money than you started with, and even if your spins fail to earn you anything, you won’t lose any more money. These spins are great, because the worst possible outcome is that you earn nothing and lose nothing.

This bonus is extremely generous, so don’t be surprised if it’s hard to get hold of. You might have to get it through a rewards system or use them up before a certain amount of time has passed, and it can still be limited to certain games.  The money you earn will have no restrictions, but the spins themselves can, and casinos will understandably want to stop you from exploiting them too much. Make sure you follow their rules so they don’t take the spins away for suspicious or exploitative behavior.

500 Free Spins with No Card Details

Another lesser-known deal you can find is ones that don’t force you to insert card details. Many casinos will only let you play once your payment information is set up, even if you’re just using free spins, which can be a red flag to people who have been scammed or tricked in the past. Like any activity, gambling has its fair share of scammers, especially if you’re not sticking to larger and better-known casino chains. Some people are also just worried that they’ll accidentally start using real money once their free spins dry up.

Not having to enter your details to get these free spins is great for new players.  You can try out the games, and the casino as a whole, without having to send any personal details or bank information. It also means that you can get access to your free spins faster, so you can start playing right away and set up your payment info at a more convenient time.

No matter which kind of bonus you find, make sure you don’t go out of your way to get them. A bonus of 500 free spins is an amazing offer, but don’t let it blind you into spending more money than you can afford, or playing a game you hate. They’re there to enhance your experience, and they won’t be perfect for everybody.

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