20 Free Spins No Deposit

20 free spins might not sound like much of a bonus, but it can make a nice addition to your favorite slot games. It might even give you the extra chances you need to make a big profit, and can give you time to learn new slots games without wasting your hard-earned money.

20 Free Spins That Don’t Require Deposits

A lot of free spin bonuses force you to make at least one deposit before you can use them. However, 20 is a low enough number to turn up quite often as a “no-deposit” bonus, so you can activate it entirely for free. Regardless of the situation, it’s always nice to have some extra free spins on a game, and there’s almost no reason to ignore a bonus that doesn’t cost you anything.

No deposit means no risk, so you’ve got plenty of time to try out some games, explore the casino site, and work out how much of your own money you’re willing to bet. This means that they’re really useful for people who are completely new to slot games, or gambling in general.

Registration Bonuses of 20 Free Spins

Welcome bonuses and registration gifts are a good way of getting started with a new casino, since they can offer multiple different benefits and boosts to get you playing a game you like. Free spins are only one of the many things that different casinos offer, and probably one of the most common. However, since many go for 50 or above, 20 free spins are quite a low number. You should expect to see it being propped up with other bonuses, like a winnings multiplier or a match bonus on some of your deposits.

Since registration bonuses are meant for new players, they’ll have rules to stop them being abused. This means that they might expire after a few weeks, or can only be used on very specific games. They might even come with a rule saying that you can’t keep your winnings, and that they’ll get turned into betting credit instead.

20 Free Spins That Let You Keep Your Winnings

If you’ve used free spins before, you’ve likely noticed that you can’t always keep the money you earn.  This is mainly done with welcome bonuses, but it can also be applied to any free spins you get – any money you earn is added back as credit. If you’re unlucky, this can mean that you’ll never actually get any credit, so you’ll be right back where you started. These spins are most often gotten through deposits or other activities that require you to spend money, which can make this loss even worse.

If you’re able to keep the money, then anything you earn can go straight back into your pockets, into other games, or just back into the game you’re already playing. You get to decide what to use it for, and there are not as many limitations over how or where it can be used. This can even mean that, if you manage to get a decent pile of winnings, you can come out with more money than you deposited.

20 Free Spins as a Slot Bonus

Bonuses are quite common on slot games, but it can take a while to earn anything large. Thankfully, 20 free spins are still quite easy to get on many games, and they give you twenty extra chances to earn some winnings without drawing from your normal account funds. You don’t usually have a choice on when you activate them: as soon as you earn them, they’re applied to that game, and only disappear once you use them up.

Since they’re usually game-specific, they’ll almost always apply to the game you’re currently playing, with some very rare exceptions. If you want to earn extra spins for your favorite slot game, make sure you’re actively playing it.

Why 20?

There could be a lot of reasons for casinos choosing to give away free spins. It’s a tetrahedral number and it’s very important in physics, but the truth is probably just that it’s a nice, rounded amount to give new players. It’s not too much to overwhelm them, but it’s more than just five or ten free spins that they’ll burn through quickly.

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