Rainbow Riches Slot Sites

Regardless of whether you have regularly enjoyed online gaming in the past- it’s likely that you’re familiar with the Rainbow Riches slot game.

The Barcrest protégé is one of the most popular games available at many casino sites and is one that’s enjoyed by new and existing customers alike. The colourful bandit is one that can be enjoyed by all- with lots of payment methods, lots of top slot sites that host it and also a number of ways to embrace the bonus feature.

If you’re unfamiliar with online gaming, then you may be wondering what Rainbow Riches is and how it works? The platform is one that enables you to enjoy a number of features, the 5-reel, 20-line slot game allows you three various ways to accrue bonus winnings.

You can match up icons on the main reel to unravel the main bonus, get three pot of gold reels or achieve the wishing well bonus. Each of them offers a different type of bonus and there’s plenty of opportunity to celebrate big wins.

It showcases everything you’d expect from an Irish-inspired rainbow game, you can find leprechauns, pots of gold, wishing wells and other video features. The bonuses above are activated when you land three leprechaun symbols in a row, get three wells or three pots of gold on winning lines.

Play Rainbow Riches Online

Playing Rainbow Riches online is probably one of the easiest things to do and that’s because this game seems to be present everywhere you go.

If you visit an established casino site or many new online slot sites, then you will be sure to find this highly-recognisable slot machine. It’s among the most used games and that’s for good reason, the Irish inspired slot has lots of ways to win and also reach the bonus features.

Finding the aforementioned game is the easy task but when looking to play online you will also be presented with welcome bonuses, ways to sign up and more. This means you will need to take a look at different websites and register with the one that offers flexible gaming, great bonuses and longevity sure to keep you interested for a long period of time.

Rainbow Riches Slots Free

Generally, you’ll have to deposit utilising one of the various payment methods but you will find a number of fantastic bonuses or welcome offers integrated into some signups.

Find a website that can help you get the most for your money with opportunities for cash back, free slot spins and other welcome promotions. There is a range of Rainbow Riches slots free play that you can enjoy from your laptop, computer or mobile phone.

Apart from the bonuses and various promotions the only opportunity for free play will be their free spins demo version. You can do this without cash by simply playing their free version, this allows you to take a look at what the game provides.

Rainbow Riches Slots for Fun

As discussed above there are ways in which you can enjoy this game for free with their demo. Playing Rainbow Riches Slots for fun means you don’t have to stake an amount, you can simply explore what they offer.

It’s advised to test out the demo version before committing to the real play- because you could although it’s among the most popular games around- there’s no guarantee that it’s for you. If you have tried other games such as Action Bank slots, we are sure you’ll like this one too.

What do you get on the free version? You will be privy to everything that you would if you staked money- enjoy the game in its full glory and make the most of it before putting your money where your mouth is, the main game is the one that many love but you shouldn’t go into playing without looking at what it provides first.

You will find this title on a number of platforms and regardless of where you discover it; they will offer you the chance to enjoy their facility for free. It’s a great way to ease into the game and get a full understanding of ways to achieve the bonus and other symbols, but the only way to win big is to play the real version.

Rainbow Riches Mobile Slot

The forever-changing gaming industry has shifted towards mobile capability and subsequently forced many of the successful software providers to ensure that they offer a mobile version of each game and this is the case with the Rainbow Riches mobile slot.

Although not every brand provides a mobile slots platform, this well-known slot game certainly does. Whether you prefer to play on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone- you will be able to enjoy exclusive graphics. There’s lots of humour, symbols and animations sure to keep you entertained and this still rings true when you play from your tablet or phone.

It is compatible with all mobile devices and this can be done via their specific app or by your Internet browser. You won’t miss out on a thing even if you are playing from your smartphone, you will still be able to embrace all of the bonuses and potential winnings.

It is irrelevant whether you’re an owner of an iPhone, Samsung or HTC, you will still be able to play the innovative game thanks to Barcrest and all of their geniuses behind this brainchild.

Download their app on iOS or get it from Google Play, both are equally as fast and reliable. If you haven’t got the app or don’t wish to take up memory on your phone, then simply login from your browser and play the game in this manner. Many games powered through software such as Microgaming slots will have mobile-friendly features.

It is easy to work, all you need to do is load the browser, select the game and then sit back and enjoy. You’ll be able to do this on the move, from home or whilst travelling, all you need is access to the Internet.

Rainbow Riches Slot RTP

Something many potential customers look at, is the Rainbow Riches slot RTP, this stands for Return to Player. It’s basically a breakdown of the winning percentage and how likely you are to get money back.

It’s got an outstanding RTP is a larger one than many other games on the market- it boasts a 95% RTP. Although there’s no free spins or ways to activate a free spin mode- there are numerous ways to reach bonuses.

You can deposit using a variety of methods depending on the site you are using. One option is PayPal games payment which is available on many sites.

As previously discussed, there are some brilliant bonuses and you could trigger them three different ways. Enjoy the Pots of Gold bonus by getting the symbol on reel 2,3 and 4. This will then present you with a new game where a leprechaun spins a pot and gives you the chance to multiply your winning amount; the figures behind each pot vary.

The best bonus version is the Path to Riches where you land three symbols on the board and then take a trip. You will spin and get a number, this then helps you make your way up the path- this will then give you the chance to win between 1x and 200x times your stake. There are big prizes to be had and you can enjoy the entire process as you climb the hill in an attempt to reach the end of the rainbow.

Sometimes they begin from 8x and other times 1x, this is dependent on what network you play the game on and how much you have staked. There’s another way to reach a bonus and a potential big win- you can enjoy the wishing well feature.

This is an additional offer and is a great way to add to your winning pot. It’s a brilliant touch and offers an alternative way to enjoy prizes, the way in which you trigger this is to get three wells on winning lines.

How to Win Rainbow Riches

There are many other ways to win and each symbol offers a different return- you should research the game beforehand to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding. You may have played similar titles such as Da Vinci Diamonds so you might already have an idea of how to play.

If you are still unsure after reading the rules and symbol breakdown, then you can play the free play features that we mentioned above. This will help you get familiar with what they offer and what you need to land in order to enjoy a bonus or big win.

Another way to help your return is to simply look out for welcome offers and promotions, a number of casino sites and the best online slot sites will all offer you the chance to get free cashback, free spins and other deals. Use these to make the most of your favourite game.

There are so many elements to this and that’s why it’s been a long-standing fixture in high street gaming, it’s a desirable game that can be played in bookmakers, casinos and online.

Whether you wish to use the real play, demo version or enjoy all that the Rainbow Riches slot game offers from your smartphone or tablet- then you can do so within an instance. Take a look at what different websites offer using the help of our reviews- you’ll be looking for gold before you know it!