Jungle Jim El Dorado Slot

This classic 5×3 slot game, with 25 paylines in an avalanche and cascading reels style that has a very unique theme. This theme is represented through stunning graphics that look great on any screen size.

This slot game is based on the search for El Dorado and this is something you won’t be able to miss, as there is a full animated introduction and characters to keep the theme going throughout the game.

Jungle Jim El Dorado is one of the lastest additions to the industry from the leading developer Microgaming. This is a brilliant slot game for fans of Gonzo’s Quest, but it is clear from the outset that Jungle Jim El Dorado has a lot more to offer in terms of gameplay and prizes.

There are a lot of great things about this new slot game that it is certain to please both newbies and seasoned gamblers. First of all, the main character of Jungle Jim is an adorable animated guy, with a design that is very reminiscent of a young Indiana Jones, who makes the game feel nostalgic and more fun.

For fans of Gonzo’s Quest, this game has a lot more to offer as there are an additional five paylines to use to your advantage.

If this isn’t enough to persuade you to move over to Jungle Jim El Dorado, then the fact that this is a new game that contains some of the latest technology in the industry surely will.

This game comes with some of the best audio and graphics in the industry at the moment – and the fact that it is developed by Microgaming should prove how high quality the game really is.


This slot game takes place in two very distinctive settings – the lush south American jungles and a golden-laden treasure room in what is assumed to be the mysterious El Dorado itself.

These settings bring a lot of variety to the game and the graphics are stunning so you really feel as though you are being transported around the world on a mysterious quest.

The base game is set in the lush jungles of South America and the reels are transparent so you can really take in the work that has gone into this design.

The whole game of Jungle Jim El Dorado is stunningly designed and rendered as it takes full advantage of modern technology. The level of animation used for this game could be compared to Hollywood, but it has to be said that some additional movements for our main character could be programmed to add a bit more variety.

The reel icons used on this game should come as no surprise as there are truly representative of the theme. They include a host of coin chests, rare native treasures, and gems.

A great feature of this game is the fact that the rubies, emeralds and other gemstones that are used as symbols in this game are made to be as realistic as possible. They are designed as rough and uncut gemstones, just like those you would find natively in the wild, rather than the perfectly shaped symbols we are used to seeing in slot games.

It is these kinds of small touches that really set Jungle Jim El Dorado apart from other slot games that are on offer. This is certainly an attractive slot game that looks great on a range of different screen sizes so it can be played by everyone.


In this slot game the paylines are fixed which means there is actually no real user interaction outside of choosing your bets and bankroll strategy.

This doesn’t mean that this game doesn’t have a lot to offer, because there is more than enough room in the betting limits to please a range of different players.

Microgaming has yet to release any information on the RTP and variance statements for Jungle Jim El Dorado, which proves how new this slot game really is, so we can only guess what this game gives out based on user experience.

According to other customer reviews, the initial impressions of this slot game offer a decent RTP rate and a medium-level of variance. This should come as no surprise to players really, considering this game is a high competitor of Gonzo’s Quest.

As this game is made by Microgaming, the gameplay process is known as rolling reels and this is a popular mechanic where all existing wins fall or explode from the screen. They will then be replaced by a fresh symbol that will drop from the top of the screen.

Younger players will recognise this mechanic from the slot game Bejewelled Blitz which you can play on Facebook. More seasoned players will see that this is a very similar process to Tetris.

Like most slot games that use this kind of reel mechanic, there is an increasing multiplier available on Jungle Jim El Dorado from 1x to 5x.

This game actually has not been given its full release yet so there is currently no information on the value of the symbols or the wild function. However, based on everything else that is going on in this game, we can only assume that it will be fixed which means it will grant no rewards of its own in terms of jackpot – just like other individual scatters.

In this slot game, if you manage to collect all three scatters you will be awarded free spins. This award takes place in a separate round and you will be sent to another reel set, but all of the same features and mechanics are present. There is an additional re-trigger option in the free spins round which can increase spin potential.

This is a great feature as the option to re-trigger your spins round in a game that has so much action and offers a lot of payout really is worth your time and can contribute to a significant jackpot.


For fans of Gonzo’s Quest, this new addition to the slot game world is really going to have you interested. Jungle Jim El Dorado is a modern addition to the slot game industry and uses some of the best technology available.

It is operated by industry-leading developers Microgaming so you can rest assured that this game is high quality and responsive so it can be played on a range of devices.

This slot game is very attractive and is simply a joy to look at with the stunning graphics and quality animation. But that doesn’t mean that it is just a pretty face as it also has some high winning potential, just like any high variance game should.

As seasoned players should expect, this high volatility game does require a bit more control when it comes to your bankroll, but that is the main purpose of these kinds of slot games so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

In fact, this feature fits in rather nicely with the El Dorado theme as many explorers when out in search of this mysterious land and came back empty handed, whereas others managed to get their hands on some fine treasure.

When you play Jungle Jim El Dorado, what kind of explorer will you be?