Great Blue

Great Blue, a game by Playtech, takes the beauty of the ocean and applies to a very simple, easy-to-play five-reel slot games that boast a whole 25 possible paylines, giving you plenty of ways to win big and earn a huge payout. On top of that, there are multiple different bonuses on offer, so you never know when luck might be on your side!

About Playtech

Playtech has a great reputation among both gambling sites and their players, but it’s no surprise if you’ve not heard about them and focused exclusively on the games rather than their creators. They’ve existed since 1999 and have always been known for creating high-quality games with a range of different features, quirks and other interesting elements. Not only that, but they make sure that all of their games work properly across a wide range of platforms, including both mobile and desktop devices.

What is Great Blue Slots?

From an outsider’s point of view, Great Blue uses some excellent graphics, sounds, and music to create an experience that’s more comfortable and inviting than a standard, bare-bones slot game with very little in the way of creativity or uniqueness. However, considering its excellent features and payouts, it’s not just a pretty face: it’s not only designed to work extremely well on all platforms thanks to Playtech’s involvement, but it also offers great payouts no matter the platform, with the entire experience being great for players of any skill or experience level.

It’s known for attracting a lot of high betters, and it’s not hard to see why. The 25 paylines open up a lot of opportunities for big wins, and you can easily find yourself earning far more than you’re betting if you’re lucky enough. On top of that, there are some great bonuses to activate, which can all help push you closer to a big payout.

Unlike some other slot games, there’s no gimmicks or extras to slow you down or take away from the experience: you’re able to focus on the game properly and enjoy it for what it is, a rarity among online slots these days.


While the soundtrack might not be anything special, Great Blue has quite a wide range of good music tracks that fit the mood of the game without being too distracting. There’s also a host of different underwater sounds that are fairly impressive for such a simple game concept, and it can even help you identify different bonuses if your attention is focused elsewhere.

You can turn off both the sounds and music independently, meaning that you don’t need to listen to either (or both) if you don’t want to.

As stated before, the graphics are surprisingly good, and they’re also fairly easy to tell apart during a hectic game. This makes it much better than games that use muddled and near-identical designs for their important symbols.

Can I Play for Free?

Many of the sites that host Great Blue slots allow you to play for free, especially since it’s a popular game that new players might find themselves interested in trying out before they commit to making a bet. Because of this, you can take the time to enjoy the game and understand how it operates before having to dump any money into it, which is always useful. There’s not usually a limit, either, so feel free to take as long as you like before jumping into paid play.

If you’re completely new to the game, or slots in general, it’s best to start out small anyway and build up as you get more confident. Remember that there are still other bonuses that can make small bets much larger, so you’re not missing out on too much. If you’re just wanting to relax and don’t feel ready to spend any more money for a while, free playing can also be a good way to keep yourself engaged if you’re wanting to take a break from spending money.

How to Play

Great Blue is less complicated than many other slot games, but it can take a while to pick up if you’re brand new to the games.

To start, you’ve just got to choose how much you’re betting (in free play, these are simulated, so they don’t actually cost money). The options for this are just below the reels, and it’s up to you how you bet per line. You can also adjust the total line bet in increments if you prefer. Once your bet is actually chosen and ready, you get to decide how many lines to play: click on the ‘[email protected] button and choose the number of lines you’re going to be playing. This will affect both your wager amount and the chance of you getting a winning spin.

To the right of the line bet total is the amount you’re wagering on this next spin, which is based on how many lines you’ve chosen and what you’re paying on a per-line basis. Once you’re ready, just hit Spin and watch the reels turn!

You can speed up the process slightly in two different ways. The first is using the Max Bet button, which automatically adds every payline at your current Line Bet value and spins the reels for you. However, if you want things to go even faster, you can also use the Auto Start button to set up a custom amount of repeated spins. Once you’ve set up the spins, you just hit Auto Start to set them away spinning, with the same bet being used every time.

The Symbols

Great Blue has multiple different themed symbols you can acquire, all with different values – some also have special bonus benefits or functions that allow you to earn extra money or bonuses, as well as counting for different things when it comes to actually calculating your winnings. As you might expect, they all take on an aquatic theme, with many of them being based on sea creatures and fish. As a nice touch, all of the symbols look like bubbles of air, although this obviously doesn’t affect their functionality or purpose at all.

The number 9 is the symbol that provides the lowest score, but you can still win if you get two in a row (from the leftmost reel to the right). This is followed by the 10, the Jack and the Queen, which are all similarly low-scoring and require three matches to count as a win. Then, there’s the King and Ace, which are similar but count for a larger score.

Beyond this is the themed symbols, all of which have a higher value than their numerical counterparts. The Angel Fish is the lowest of these, followed by a Starfish and a Seahorse, but you don’t get into the best gambling territory until you find the Shark and the Turtle. These both give a win by having two matches rather than three, making them really useful symbols to get hold of if you’re lucky.

On top of this is the usual Wild, represented by a big Killer Whale in this particular game. IT can appear on any reel in any position and counts as a substitute for any other symbol (apart from Scatters), allowing it to create winning combinations and paylines in a variety of different situations. It can even appear stacked on a reel, adding to your total winnings by a significant amount. Not only that, but a Wild win adds a 2x multiplayer to the game, doubling your payout regardless of how much else you earn!

It’s obvious that Wilds are really popular, but what about Scatters? Having three of them appear at once triggers a special bonus round (which will be explained below), giving you a chance to earn even more money on top of any winning combinations that spin would normally get you. They also pay out if you get two or more anywhere on the reel, too.

The Bonus Round

The main bonus round of Great Blue is the free spin round, which activates once you get three or more scatters. This gives you eight free spins, all with a 2x multiplier, as well as another bonus: you get to pick two oyster shells from a variety of different options, which can award things like even more free spins or multipliers.

That’s not all, either – you can re-trigger the round during the round itself, extending it even further and giving you yet another option to pick more benefits. If you’re extremely lucky, you could turn a huge profit by constant re-triggering these free spin rounds and never have to pay a cent!

The Gamble Feature

There’s also a special gamble feature that can be activated at any time, giving you a choice between multiple playing cards. All you have to do is choose a color (red or black) and then flip over a card – if you get it right, your winnings are doubled. You can keep doing this until you lose or collect the winnings, so there’s not really any downside to it. It’s simple, but effective.

Keep in mind that this can only be done after you’ve had a winning spin, since it directly affects your winnings. It won’t do anything to the money you’ve got in your account, or spins you’ve done previously.


Like all slot games, Great Blue has a very specific level of RTP and variance, since not every player is going to win all the time. However, the standard RTP is 94.3%, which means that every £100 spent by players results in £94.30 in winnings for somebody. If you’re lucky, this might be in your favor, so don’t be afraid to go ahead and risk some money for some big returns.

On the other hand, Great Blue is a high-variance game, which might make you want to take more care in how you bet. This variance is mainly due to the bonuses and multipliers that can occur, which can shake things up extremely quickly and turn a small bet into massive winnings if certain combinations of bonuses are gathered.

Of course, this means that you might need to play for a while before you get a truly huge payout, so don’t get discouraged. Long-term players will be much more likely to turn a profit, and it can be exciting for new players who want to experience something with more risk than a basic, flat slot game.