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Shigetaka Kurita created Emojis in 1998 by Shigetaka Kurita as a way for phone users to communicate using icons. His efforts churned out 176 icons which he then called emojis. Emoji was the combination of two Japanese words, “e” which meant picture and “moji” which meant character. Want to go smiley from all the big wins?

Send tons of emojis with all your winnings from wild symbols and various features in this Emoji Planet Slot Review inJune 2022.

Best Emoji Planet Slots Sites

From our research, we have created a list of the Best Emoji Planet Slot Sites in June 2022:

    About Emoji Planet Slots

    Emoji Planet is a game with six reels and five rows. The game works on 20 fixed paylines. NetEnt released Emoji Planet Slot on the 23rd of August 2017. The release of the slot game was arranged to happen at the same time as the movie.

    The game is a tribute to emojis, a single means of communication that transcends other languages. It has many features that can help a player win bigger jackpots.

    Emoji Planet is a game with bright and cheery graphics. The general feel of the game is consistent throughout different game elements.

    The background of the game is in pastel shades and looks very flat. Different animated emojis like balloons, rainbows, and unicorns litters the screen. Two dance emojis move in the background along with an occasional shower of colourful hearts.

    The reels appear to look like a translucent phone screen. Instead of spinning, the tiles of the slots fall into place. The tiles that form a winning combination light up while a win counter flashes in the middle of the screen. Each tile comes in a different colour that is unique to the emoji symbol it holds.

    The left side of the screen has the speech bubble that displays the sum of the players win. Below the speech bubble, a translucent circle indicates an animation that coordinates with an unlocked feature. To the right of the reels, tiles that show the game symbols collect symbol matches that unlock features.

    The control panel of the game is at the bottom of the screen. All the necessary information and buttons to play the game are here.

    The current bet and bet levels are on the left side of the control panel. The present coin value and total coins are on the right side. The middle of the control panel holds the Autoplay button, Max Bet option, and the round Spin button.

    How to Play Emoji Planet Slot Online

    Travelling through the world of emojis starts with several steps. A player can customize the coin size and the stake level of one round.

    • Change the coin size using the + and – buttons on the control panel. The smallest coin size in the game is 0.01. The largest coin size is 1.
    • The bet level in Emoji Planet is the number of coins to be placed on every payline. A payline can hold at least one coin. The maximum number of coins on one payline is 10.
    • After setting up the bet in one round, a player can start spinning the reels by clicking on the round Spin button.
    • If a player wants to play Emoji Planet at the highest stakes, they can automatically set the bet level and coin value by clicking on Bet Max.

    Bring the Emoji Planet in your pocket. This game is playable on tablets and mobile phones. It is optimized to maintain the same experience no matter the size of the screen. The game is playable on both Android and Apple devices.

    Interactive Features

    Emoji Planet has several special features that help a player win bigger prizes. This game has a wild symbol, scatter symbols, and bonus features.

    • Star Wild. The wild of the game is a golden star with the word WILD written over it. The wild star symbol can appear anywhere in the reels. It can substitute for any of the symbols to complete a winning cluster.
    • Emoji Meters. Emoji meters are on the right of the reels. The reels are filled up every time a winning combination lands on the reels. The icons that completed the winning combination will collect to their corresponding meter.

    When an emoji meter is filled up with 12 symbols, one emoji feature is ready to be activated. The emoji feature will be activated once when there are no more winning combinations on the reels. There are five emoji features that a player can activate. These include the Bomb Feature, the Pizza Feature, the Kiss Feature, the Rocket Feature, and the Two Hearts Feature.

      • Bomb Feature. Eight random symbols tiles on the reel explode. The player is then awarded a win of somewhere between x5 and x100 of the current stakes for every symbol that exploded.
      • Pizza Feature. This feature places a 3×3 cluster made up of random symbols on the reels. This feature does not include the wild.
      • Kiss Feature. 3 Sticky Wilds randomly land on the reels. A Sticky Wild is a wild that stays in place even if the surrounding symbols change. Each of the Sticky Wild can complete a winning combination up to 3 times. When all the Sticky Wilds have been used, the feature ends.
      • Rocket Feature. 10 Wild emoji symbols anywhere on the reels placed at random on the game reels. The wild symbols can also fall during the avalanche. The feature ends after using up all the ten symbols.
      • Two Hearts Feature. The Two Hearts Feature can only be activated when there are no other features that can be triggered. When this feature is triggered, it multiplies the current win by the number of times the meter fills plus one.
    • Autoplay Option. The Autoplay option lets a player spin the reels for several turns without interruption. A player selects the number of turns they want to spend the reels spinning.

    Paylines and Stakes

    To win at Emoji Planet, a player has to form a group of at least five matching symbols on the reels. This feature, when combined with the avalanche of symbols, gives players more chances of forming winning groups.

    The symbols in the game are all emojis. Here are the symbols in the game arranged from the symbol that pays the least to the symbol that pays the most.

    • Blue Glass Heart
    • Bomb
    • Pizza
    • Kiss
    • Rocket
    • Sparkling Poop
    • Alien
    • LOL Emoji

    To win the highest possible jackpot in the game, a player has to land 30 LOL emoji symbols on the reels. The highest jackpot is x500 the player’s current bet.

    Emoji Planet Slots Game Software

    Emoji Planet is a video-based slot game. It runs on the software used by NetEnt. Since the release of the game in 2017, it uses HTML5.

    The software gives the game with high-quality audio and visual graphics. The transitions and animations in the game also run smoothly. The user interface is also easy to use and uniform with the other games developed by NetEnt.

    What is the Emoji Planet Slot RTP?

    Emoji Planet has an RTP rate of 96%. The rate is higher than the current RTP average in the slot game market.

    What is the Emoji Planet Slot Variance?

    Emoji Planet has a low to medium variance game. This variance range means a player often receives low to regular wins throughout the game.


    Emoji Planet is a cute game, but the visual graphics appeal only to a few. The features may take a while to be triggered, and the low to medium variance may give extended hours of play but with no assurance of a big reward in June 2022. Including a progressive jackpot in the game can make the game more interesting.

    All in all, the game is cute and entertaining. It offers a specific niche of players something about it to return to with a smiley and an LMAO.

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