Deal or No Deal Slots

There have been many movie and television slots tie-ins, but none have been quite as successful as Deal or No Deal. The slot game is based on the phenomenally popular Channel Four afternoon television programme hosted by Noel Edmonds, which ran for an unprecedented eleven years.

Based on an idea that first began in the Netherlands, the show became a smash hit which inevitably led to spin-offs such as the Deal or No Deal Slots game. The format of the show lent itself perfectly to a slot machine game and it managed to retain all of the elements that had made the show so popular.

  • 22 sealed red boxes
  • The banker
  • The banker’s best offer
  • Bankers bonus
  • The gamble feature offering you the chance to exchange boxes
  • All the audio sounds from the show

Even though the show ended in 2016, the DOND slots game has endured and is still one of the most popular slots games around. It even keeps up with other well known titles including Cleopatra slot machine. This is a testament to how good the game is and how much time and effort has gone into replicating the TV show experience.

Deal or No Deal Slot Machine

The Deal or No Deal Slot Machine is one of the most widely available games thanks to the insatiable demand of the slots playing community. It’s attractiveness is its simplicity;

  • There are no strategies to learn,
  • No complicated rules,
  • No general knowledge questions that no – one knows the answer to!

The ability to win on the show was based purely on luck and a similar format has been ported over to the slot game.

  • Can you outwit the banker?
  • Will you risk it all and change your box?
  • Do you have the £250,000 box?

There’s also additional bonus features such as scatter symbols and wild symbols that give you access to exclusive side games and the opportunity to double your prize money. Features like this are commonly found with games on software platforms like Microgaming slot sites. There are also three safes to open with progressive jackpots. The first is worth £10,000, the second is worth £50,000, and the final safe is worth a cool £100,000. With options like this, there’s more than ever to offer from DOND.

Deal or No Deal Slots Free Play

If you are new to online slots games and feel more comfortable playing with a brand that you recognise to begin with, then the DOND slot game is a great place to start. The feeling of familiarity that the game brings should acclimatise you very quickly and you can begin to enjoy the experience far faster.

Because the game is so universally loved, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a DOND game that offers free play time. Otherwise known as no deposit slot machines, this is by far the best way to try out a top level game without using your own money.

Free play normally gives you a limited number of spins to give you the opportunity to see what the full game has to offer. This does not involve you placing any kind of a deposit and is therefore the ideal opportunity to see what you’ve been missing out on. Check out Deal or No Deal slots with a free play option to experience what it would be like to play for big sums of money without the pressure of being on TV.

Deal or No Deal Slot Online

The Deal or No Deal slot online can be enjoyed in a variety of different locations. As long as you have a connection to the internet and a device that is compatible, then you don’t have to be in front of a computer to try and beat the Banker.

The DOND game is compatible with iPods, tablets, iPads, smartphones and laptops, on dedicated slot sites or online casinos. This means that you really can play just about anywhere, twenty four hours a day. Many brands even give you the option to play slots with Bitcoin if you like to use the cryptocurrency option.

Play Deal or No Deal Slots

Play Deal or No Deal slots if you want to experience what it would be like to be in the TV studio with a live audience with Noel Edmonds and the elusive banker. The game is so popular that you won’t have any trouble finding a site to play it on, but be sure to check out our reviews for more recommendations.