Cleopatra Slots Game

The Cleopatra slots game has been something of an icon ever since it was introduced twelve years ago. It made an immediate impact and unlike some games, its popularity has not waned over time but has actually become stronger.

There are many reasons as to why Cleopatra has bucked the trend, but a lot of it is down to its simple but addictive gameplay and immersive storyline. People have always been fascinated with Cleopatra’s story and once it is combined with an incredible gaming experience it makes for an irresistible combination.

The game has become so popular that it is a staple of many online slots providers, along with games from popular software such as Net Entertainment slots, and is still one of their most played games after all this time.

Cleopatra Online Slots

This particular game offers some great features including:

  • An engaging storyline
  • Outstanding bonuses
  • Massive jackpots
  • Crystal clear graphics and sound

See if you can deny ‘The Most Beautiful Woman Who Ever Lived’ of her jackpot by traversing the various attempts to stop you. Soak up the mythology and encounter hieroglyphics, scarabs sarcophagi and wondrous treasures befitting of a Pharaoh.

Cleopatra Slot Machine App

After making such a smash online, a Cleopatra slot machine app was inevitable. The Cleopatra slots game can be accessed online on most devices, but the mobile slots app allows for a simpler way to play your favourite game. A simple click of a button will take you straight into the game rather than typing in the address of the game provider and then searching manually for the game.

The app is available on all platforms and can be obtained from Apple’s iOS store and the Google Play store, too. The best thing about the app (other than being completely FREE) is that the porting process has not resulted loss of quality in any area. The gameplay, speed, bonuses, visual and audio are all unaffected by the transition to a smaller device.

Of course, what it does gain is the option to play wherever you are. You can even find pay by mobile slot sites if you’d prefer to pay this way. As long as you have a compatible device and an internet connection you are good to go. The scenarios are endless, but you could be playing for Cleopatra’s jackpot;

  • On your iPhone while you wait for your kids to come out of school
  • On your iPad in bed
  • On your Android, Blackberry or Windows device while you’re stuck in a queue
  • On your tablet during your daily commute on public transport

Cleopatra Casino Slots Free

The best way to enjoy this game is to take full advantage of the Cleopatra casino slots that offer games for free. Ancient Egypt fruit machines are always phenomenally popular, especially if they are free!

The sites offering Cleopatra as a free slot game are truly giving you on of their best games to sample. They are doing this in the hope that you will stick around and play with your own money, but with games as good as this on their books, then it’s a good chance that they have others worth exploring.

Even though you may be getting free spins, the experience hasn’t been watered down to compensate for this. You can still build up your bonuses and be paid out for wins. You can still get wrapped up in the ancient Egyptian mythology. Even enjoy one of these best online slots games without spending a penny.

Cleopatra Video Slot Game

One of the reasons that the Cleopatra video slot game is still at the top of the pile is because it is easy to use and the immersive experience that you get thanks to the interactive video. Bright, bold colours coupled with authentic images of ancient Egypt and the ruler herself, combine to make a truly memorable gaming experience.

Add into the mix a fantastic soundtrack and a big jackpot to aim for and the Cleopatra video slot game should be your first port of call for online slots. Most of the top sites also feature other well-known titles like the Starburst online slot machine which you can play as well.

Cleopatra Slot Wins

As well as a compelling storyline and knuckle-biting gameplay to keep you entertained, there is also big money at stake.

  • Bonuses can be accumulated
  • Win up to three times the amount a regular slot machine pays out
  • The jackpot is one of the best around for an online slot game

The Cleopatra slot wins are one of the best experiences you could have playing slots online. Try out the game with free spins on many sites and then once you have the hang of it you can make a deposit and start to rack up those wins!