Alice and the Mad Tea Party Slots

Most people are familiar with the story of Alice in one way or another, and this slot game takes inspiration from the source material to create an enjoyable, reliable and consistent gambling game that’s entirely online, no downloads needed!

The Symbols

Alice and the Mad Tea Party uses a standard five-reel grip with a total of thirty paylines, giving you more ways to win than average. All of the symbols are themed after the original story, each with their own values:

  • Alice is worth 25 credits.
  • The Mad Hatter is worth 15 credits.
  • The teapot is worth 7.50 credits.
  • The blue spade, purple clubs, green diamonds, and red hearts are each worth 3.75 credits.

As you might expect, there’s also a range of bonuses and special symbols, which can shake up the game or turn a losing combination into a winning one all of a sudden.

The Gameplay

True to the original story, this slot game tries to bring the madness of Alice’s time in Wonderland into game form, offering a range of bonus features that can activate at almost any time and completely change the outcome of your current spin. The most basic example is the Wild and Scatter symbols – Wilds can be substituted for any other regular tile, and getting three Alices on reel one will trigger a Super Mad Re-Spin automatically.

This re-spin gives you the option of choosing from multiple teapots, each of which has a different benefit that’s random every time. This can be free spins, extra symbols of a certain type, more re-spin and multiple other benefits. In addition, every Wild logo currently in the grid will become another Alice logo, allowing you to potentially trigger it again or rack up huge multipliers.

Where can I play it?

Since it’s an online slot game, you can play Alice and the Mad Tea Party slots almost anywhere! Whether it’s on a desktop device, mobile phone, tablet or some other platform, as long as you have an internet connection and the power to run the site, you’ll be able to enjoy playing it in any location!